Break bars or descenders? ideas?

What’s everyone Feelin? I’m partial to my rack but I know a couple of high rise guys that are strictly descender. However, they can only be used up to like 300ft or so. Also, self trailer or jumar? I use a combo of both. It’s hard to explain but it’s absolutely brilliant if I do say to myself.

We use both a Petzl lever type, but usually a rack. Rack is also my personal preference.
Please reconsider using a jumar as a rope grab. I know it’s very common, but I can’t stress enough how dangerous it can be, if you actually go into fall arrest. Have a look: Rope and Rescue page on abc Window Cleaning Supply

Oh I completely agree. I DO NOT use a jumar as trailer, it’s deadly. However, when I’m in high wind conditions or situations where I feel my rope has a chance of coming unracked I also clip my jumar onto the rope before it gets to my rack so I know I’m locked in. Exactly like I do when work positioning when doing rope access duties. I always have my self trailer on though.

Oh, I see. Cool