Bristle training

Anyone try this? I’ve been getting a little more splay out of the bristles than I would like after using my tucker brush with hot water for a couple days. So I’ve wrapped the bristles with painters tape to try and coax them into a more congruent shape. We’ll see how this experiment goes. I’m guessing it will be a matter of maintenance.

hope them bristles dont get sticky

Do they get out of shape and loose normal shape?

Is this normal for Tucker brushes

I think it’s normal for brushes used with hot water, by “aggressive brushers”. You should see my toothbrush, lol.

I don’t the the painters tape will leave behind any noticeable residue.


Check this out

Go check the UK with wfp questions, much more experienced

Off topic Alex - but how are you heating the water?

1500 watt water heater element in my tank.

I fill the tank at home and heat it overnight. The water stays hot enough throughout the day to make an appreciable difference in cleaning efficiency. And most customers don’t mind me plugging into their outdoor outlet if I need the water to stay extra hot for some reason.

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Interesting. I am looking at a propane system myself in the nearish future. (18" tucker brush and rinse bar first) How many gallon tank do you have and does your heater shut off after it reaches a certain temp? How does it work for you in the winter? I am calculating about $20 of propane for ever 10 hours worked, so wondering which is better, especially in the winter when the days dont get above 30.

There are pros and cons to both methods.

It’s a 40 gallon tank. Not enough for a full day of wfp work, but enough to get my shoulders nice and sore, lol.

I have the element wired into a standard water heater thermostat. I think the tank tops out around 120° right now. But I have heat loss from drivetime, and 300’ of hose. I’ll be getting a 50 gallon tank in the near future, and insulating it to minimize heat loss so I don’t have to heat it up as much.

One advantage (or disadvantage, this time of year) is that the tank acts as a giant radiant heater. It keeps the whole car warm in the winter. And in the summer, lol.

Thanks for letting me know how its working for you. I think I will go with gas because I want more heat when it reaches the glass, and I have 2 55 gallon drums instead of one. But, I envy you being warmed up in the winter! That would be a major plus!

These are propane heaters

Nice set up John! That is what I am looking to do, only I will only need one as I am solo.

boil your kettle, take it off and pour the water over the bristles hold brush bristles down for a minute or 2. instant fix.