Brodex 250RO is the perfect

Size to put in a small van like a transit or the new nissan nv200.

I have never really tried to figure this out but if running at 50psi how long would that 66 gallons last?

@Chris do you have an idea of what this unit weighs and what filters it uses? Thanks

How long the water lasts depends on flow rate and conservation techniques, not the pressure. Most WFP’ers recommend around .5 gpm for flow rate, though a lot of UK guys get away with much less (I read somewhere someone does .5 LITERS/minute… Jeff Brimble perhaps?)

I have a 25 gallon tank in my vehicle, and it can get me through around $350 worth of pole work (very subjective, I know, but I haven’t really collected any other data to go on).

You like that size tank?

It works for me and my vehicle. I would have liked something in the 35-40 gallon range, but it simply wouldn’t fit unless I dropped a couple grand on a custom tank to fit in the rear footwells. I have two 6 gallon jerry cans that I can bring along for larger jobs.

yea I figured a 75 gallon tank would be perfect but this 66 gallon setup would be nice and for the big jobs I have a cart that can easily run two poles all day.

thanks for the info Alex


I have a 100 gallon tank and wouldn’t go much smaller than 60 gallons unless you like filling up at least once a day.

Thanks for the info brennon. I figured 75 would be to small but 66 sounds manageable especially for a transit like vehicle.

This is a great system and tank in one. The filtration consists of a 10" sediment/carbon filter, a 21" RO membrane and a 1/2 cubic foot DI tank. The sediment/carbon and DI are both easily changed out and when needed, the RO can be swapped out just like any normal system. The small capacity tank allows for a system like this to be safely carried in a smaller vehicle without exceeding the payload. The on-board pump and flow controller allow you to dial back the amount of water being used to help conserve the small amount of water.

Dry, this system weighs 115lbs, easily carried by two people. When full the system will weigh roughly 635lbs.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

115 pounds, dry? That’s a one man job for me after a year of hauling 6 & 8 gallon containers out to my truck every morning. :wink: I have 55 gallons worth and run out of the Surflo backpacks. I can work 10 hours with that much. Just learn to limit water usage as much as possible. Use that aquadapter, baby!

I’m officially making it my 1 year goal to get the 250 RO and mount it in a Transit or Transit-sized rig. I’m still the only company in Montreal to utilize pure water and I’m closing the market on downtown mid-rise. My competition laughs and honks at me when they drive by. They’re twenty years in the past. They don’t understand what I’m doing even after explaining things. With this van mount I could really speed my work up and schedule more clients inside of a day.

Thanks WCR for the inspiration!!

Your like my canadian window cleaning brother who wants a system like this for a small van.

Ya, eh? Don’t you know?


Could we hear from anyone who has used this system since they’ve been available in the US? Or, any other similar Brodex system?

We have sold a few of these this year maybe [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]wcr can assist with connecting you with a owner.