Broke a Pella interior storm today, questions

Well, I have always read about the Pella windows, but never encountered them until the other day. I was cleaning the type with the removable interior storms. It also had the blinds in the middle. When I was replacing the storm it cracked. It cracked right where the plastic handle is located at the corner. The handle rotates the blinds. The customer told me not to worry about replacing the glass. I felt so bad, and although they told not to worry, I feel I have to do the right thing morally. Has anyone had one break? and can it be fixed at a local glass shop or does it have to be special ordered. The only tricky part looks like a hole would have to be drilled for the plastic handle. Thanks.

I would contact Pella. That will be the quickest way to deal with this. They are not inexpensive though. Sorry that happened… Those windows are such a pain!

I’ve broken 2 glasses. It is the most horrible feeling. Even though the customers would say it’s ok, still. I replaced 1 and the other one the guy said it was ok, he has a handyman that works around his house. Both were all old houses with old windows. I now am extra careful with old houses. All I can tell you is to be careful and learn from your experience.

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It really made my heart sink when it happened. It was the first window I broke. I figured I would have to special order. The house was built in 1985, so the window were pretty old. Thanks for the input, I was hoping I could get it fixed locally and maybe help lower the cost.

My local glass guy has been able to fix them no problem. Still charges in the area of $100 though.

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I’m not 100% certain. So, correct me if I’m wrong.
But, I think the same person who “OK’d” the Pella design for windows…
Is the same person who “OK’d” the idea of using a red hot fire poker to remove a speck of lint from your eye.

That being said, they DO seem pretty pliable.

  • how’d you crack it? Specifically.

I was placing the storm back into the frame. These have been on for a while and had some paint build up around the edges of the frame. So they were a little tight. I was pushing it back in and applied a little pressure (honestly just a little) in the corner near the handle, and it cracked. I seriously felt sick.

Hey you know what… Breaks are going to happen… Although you don’t want them to happen… Sometimes they happen. Your best bet is to not let it happen very often. I broke a storm window once that I was wrestling with to get out and it dropped to the ground and broke. You just can’t stop all breaks. That said. Yes I would try my best to replace it. It’s your reputation and in this business you don’t want your reputation to be tarnished. Replace it and move on…

I could not agree more. I hate Pella windows. If I forget my mini pliers my fingers are sore for two days if it’s a big house. That being said, I do have a couple houses that have original Pella windows they’re like 70 years old and still look perfect when I’m done

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Oh and get to know your local glass guy or in my case glass gal.

Three years ago we had 2 breaks. I went to the nearest Pella office, 40 miles away unfortunately, and they were able to replace both. One had the blind attached to the broken panel and wooden grills in addition. You have to have every part of that deal lined up perfectly or you’re asking for trouble.

Been there, done that, ruined an otherwise good day. You will need to contact your local Pella gouger, err, I mean dealer. Most glass companies won’t/can’t repair those as the glass is glued to the frame. It’s very labor-intensive to remove the frame from the broken glass. It’ll probably cost you between $50-100, depending on the size.

Like Dan Wagner said, always make sure the tab on the gear box drops in between the cog teeth when you push it back in. One of my guys broke two of them in one day because he didn’t line them up and it was like $150 to replace the windows.

Yeah, definitely try and get the local glass guys to repair it.

I broke one Pella window, $99 for them to come out and confirm it was broken, and four years for them to replace it.

Thanks for all of the support and great replies. I am going to pick it up Saturday and get it fixed. I am thinking of having some sort of waiver signed when I do the rest. The owner liked my work even though I broke the window, and referred me to the complex. I was able to sign up 6 other condos. Of course they all have the same windows. Should be fun! Thanks.

Best advise. Don’t let it happen again…

I have done thousands of Pellas and I love them. I would rather clean a houseful of Pellas than a houseful of old double-hungs with storms. Just focus on a system and you will be able to do them 5-10 at-a-time and blow through the house. By myself, I can do a house with 50-60 Pellas in a day without much strain. Since homeowners are intimidated by them and many window cleaners hate them, the money can be really good.

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But… what if you want to? There’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline when you hear that eeerrrkkkkKKKKKSHHHH!!!

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