Broken Mullions (grids)

When you are taking the grids off of the windows and see that they are already broken what do you do?

I usually tell then after the job is done that some of their grills were cracked, chipped, or broken. We carry glue, tape and white touch up paint in the trucks and sometimes we do a quick fix on them if possible. The customers are usually appreciative of the extra effort.

Hello Mike…I’m Dangerous but you can call me Dange if you like

Guilt By association that seem to be the way some people think Mike…eg “you were the last one to handle them so your the one who broke them” you need to cover you rear end in my opinion.

If you see a crack window tell your customer about it before you clean it, the same with the facade that you remove or screens or any other damage that you run into… It’s part of our service plus you’ve kept yourself in the clear.It smart to always anticipate any problem before it’s a problem !

I’ve learn in my 31 years that a big part of being a window cleaner is problem solving whether it’s social or structural or even access and safety. Some people will say it’s only window cleaning and they’re right it is, but working stupid only cost you money , customers, maybe even life or limb ! Working smart no matter how trivial things may seem is always good muscle memory !

I had a lady I did the other day that was very nice and congenial but she just moved into their house a year ago that was just built. She managed the whole thing herself with expensive wood floors that she kept from getting even a small scratch. As I was about to clean the slider doors I found a whole lot of scratches from the people who did the initial cleaning and all the doors (8 )were severally screwed up…Before I wetted them down I called her over and pointed it out to her and she was totally awash with the fact that she didn’t realize that they were scratched . #1 she needed to know eg good service #2 I covered my rear end ! Because Guilt by association in a real thing !

What Steve said will also work telling them when your finished but you really don’t know how they’ll respond 99% of the time they have no problem but that 1% can override you with a lot of grief !

Howdy Steve I’m Dangerous why don’t you, and you also Mike go over to the thread I started (My desire as a window cleaner) and put in your thoughts and desire about being a window cleaner ! Come on over !



Hey Steve,
Is the touch up paint you use spray paint?

Hey Dange,
You said “Guilt by association is a real thing !” and that’s why I usually don’t mention previously broken mullions. I carry clamps, glue and spray paint to fix the ones I break. As a side note I haven’t broken any in years. I know how to handle them now. In the beginning it was a problem.

What would happen if the homeowner discovers a broken mullion after your service?

I ask if they know of any broken ones before our service. If they say no and I find one (old breaks in wood look different than fresh breaks) I notify them about it.

That’s a good point Tony. I have always thought that I could be blamed for someone elses screw up if I mentioned the broken mullions. That’s why I quitely put them back.

I have been cleaning a very friendly customer’s windows twice a year for 5 years now and she wants me to repair the mullions someone else broke before I started working for her. She was very nice about the request but I’m kind of bumbed out. That is why I started this thread. I have no problem replaceing or repairing the ones I break.

Yep, semi-flat white.

You had at least 10 opportunities to point out a pre-existing issue but didn’t?

I’m guilty of that too. We have customers who have broken this or that and I bet they don’t know about it. Good point Larry.

I toss them out and tell the customer “What grid? This window did not have one”. I then proceed to break all the grids in the home. Rinse and repete.

Come on now you have to let the customer know every issue when you come across it. if not you risk being blamed. scratch, broken glass, broken grid, hole in the wall etc. They have to been told before you touch anything. had a guy last year try and blame a broken window on one of my helpers. but the helper had already told the wife about the window. when teh husband tried to blame us, the wife came out and said “hunny that’s been like that for a couple of years now did you forget? i told john not to worry about it.” the look on the husbands face was priceless cause he was just busted by his own wife.

[QUOTE=Juggernaut;86447]I toss them out and tell the customer “What grid? This window did not have one”. I then proceed to break all the grids in the home. Rinse and repeat/QUOTE]

Nice…I actually lol’d a little

Definetly tell customer about…I also give the customer the option to remove grids ahead of time so they wont be charged extra for it. A lot of customers will do it. Ive repaired a couple w/wood glue for customers, and even if some are broken most times theyll fit back and hold against eachother, like puzzle pieces. Just gotta remember nxt time when youre removing to be careful. If youre honest w/customers theyre usually cool about most things.

We repair or offer to get them replaced. Try to make it the least hassle for the client. You’ll come across much more professional. We treat it as another part of cleaning windows and constantly tell the customer that they’ll be taken care of. This has been great for us in raising the notch in customer service.