Broken Pane

Hello everyone! I have a head scratcher. I was cleaning a doctors office double pane windows this weekend. Temp was about 35F. I applied my mop and water to one of the windows. Before I had even used my white scrubber pad…I hear a loud pop. I was working on the outside, but the inside of the double pane window had broken. I hadn’t even touched the inside of the window and the grid was still applied to the interior which was holding the glass in place.

I’m going to cover the replacement myself, but has anyone else had this happen. I’ve been cleaning windows about 3 years and have never broken a window. The windows had a lot of age to them…probably an Anderson window. One thing I noticed on a couple of the windows at the office was when I squeege’d the glass, a few of the windows had dips in the glass to where the squeege wasn’t clearing the water off. I was going to add a picture but I’m not sure how.

This happened to me in the spring.

Glass repair guy said the reason the glass broke on the inside is because the unit was shot to begin with. Is the window in a really sunny spot on the building? Our WFP put just enough pressure on it that the interior glass gave out.

P.S. - This was also an older Andersen from the late 80’s. Cost me about $400 to replace the IGU.

Yes, I keep reading about issues with these windows imploding on themselves. They do face the east so would be getting direct sun most of the morning. I received my quote for $240 to replace so it could be worse. Thankfully this is one of the smaller windows I’ve had to clean. I did find a contact for the director of quality at Andersen windows and sent her an e-mail. I was just trying to see if they extended goodwill warranty on these units or if they’ll offer to foot the bill…I doubt it but worth a shot.

Oh well. I still feel as if it wasn’t my fault…just bad luck much like your experience it sounds like.

Why are you guys paying to replace 40 year old windows that are already failed before you touch them?

Customer Rapport. My feeling is it wasn’t broken before I got there…even though it was already failing I can’t prove it. The customer has offered many times to pay but I’m refusing to let them cover it. For me it’s only $240 to keep a customer happy. I do their house twice a year which is $300 each time…and this was the first time I’ve done their dr. office…and the last time. I reached out to a Quality Director at Andersen to plead my case…perhaps they’ll offer to cover it. We shall see.

I’ve also known this customer for 30 years.

We break it, we buy it. There were no visible signs of deterioration for us to discuss with the customer on the unit, so it is what it is.

Anyway, it worked out in the long run. The customer constantly shouts us out online.

Its the cost of doing business.


Do any of you use your insurance to cover things like this or just handle it yourself? Only when the expense is larger use the insurance? Just wondering how most of you guys/gals would normally handle this?

Handle it yourself. I made the mistake of filing 3 small claims with Liberty Mutual in one year, and they dropped me.
Save it for the big stuff.


I handle it myself. It cost me a little over $200 so not worth the hassle.

Thank you!
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