Broken Screen clips? What do you do?

I cleaned [I]my own[/I] windows today and we have some older windows with those brittle screen clips. And of course I broke one, … no biggie, it fit back fine. . I really barely touched it and it broke off. I’m sure this has happened to a lot of you. So what do you do when this happens to a customer??

I’m wondering if this could be a waiver thing? I mean, I’m pretty careful, but when these things get old and brittle (pre-existing?) it can just happen. Anyway, what is your course of action and where would you begin to locate a replacement clip (or whatever else) for the hundreds of kinds of windows out there?? Thanks.

Most of my clients understand that they age and crap happens. I carry some of the more standard replacement pins w/ me but like you said, seems like hundreds of diff kinds out there. Many times I seet hemheld in w/ nails.

I will mention to my customers that sometimes the clips are brittle and break just from the slightest touch. I do use the preexisting conditions waiver for older homes where this is most common for us.

Let them Know about the condition of the screen. We keep our customers happy. Or replace with the closest one.

i rarely touch them, i pull screens out with a putty knife

While I only now am just setting up to do screen repair. If I did break one and I did not have the part needed on hand (or at home), I would first check the local Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, OHS etc… If no luck there then any window supply place/installer and failing that too, I also would want to make my customer satisfied so I would eat the cost and replace the whole screen or frame at least if a the new screen stood out too much from the old ones.



Sometimes we pop the screen from the inside (works good for tight fitting screens) - Now and then one does break, I explain to them with age they become brittle and will break. Most customers understand and the ones that don’t aren’t my kind of customer anyways.

What kills me are the screens that have the little lock on them. We had one a couple weeks ago, couldn’t get it off, struggling with every screen. Then it happened. I convinced the customer the locks were not needed. If someone wanted thru the window that bad, they would simply cut the screen. So I get permission to remove the locks (these took some kind of special tool we didn’t have obv) so the home owner said it was ok to just snap the little plastic lock. Trying to break it off my guys screwdriver slipped and poked a hole in the screen :frowning: So now we have to fix the screen. The guy lived 15 miles off the beatin path. After this happened, I calmly informed the customer if he wanted the windows with screens done, he would need to remove the screens. Now I have 3 guys (including myself) on the clock, standing around waiting.

Notes on guys file for future cleanings - He must have all screens removed or windows will be skipped.

I pull them out with a putty knife too, but even still, those old plastic corners will still crack right in half! I hate that.

Screen parts are very inexpensive. If we come across a few screens that have broken latches we will replace them for free, and tell the customer we did so.


Where do you get them??

And does anyone know if it easy to replace a pull tab?? I’ve had these come off before as well.

I think I’m going to start using a lever to get screens out and reduce the amount of broken screen parts. I hear a good tool to use is the little lever you use to pop open a can of paint. I’ve used it a few times with good success.

I buy the bulk of my screen supplies from C.R. Laurence. Also my local hardware store and window supply store.

My favorite tool by far is the bent putty knife. It also my most useful tool. They’re great for removing sliding glass door screens without busting my knuckles, unsticking painted shut windows, also holding up sashes that want to fall down and chop your fingers off. And many more uses.

The pull tabs are easy enough to replace. Just pry out an inch or so of spline where the tab goes and push the spline back in with a roller. Try getting in the habit of pushing up on the screen frame instead of pulling on the tabs.


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