Bronze wool … is there any fine enough for glass?

Hello everyone.
I see Canada cleaning supplies has bronze wool … not the 6 by 9 pads , but little balls/pads like regular steel wool.
They claim they dont scratch glass, but from what I understand , all the bronze wool available is not actually fine enough.
Anyone offer any insights ?
I ordered some because I was ordering some super slip , and was the only place that wasn’t sold out ( and I can’t order it from the states , it wouldn’t ship … actually I wanted hi slide … they would not ship either to Canada ) .
Obviously I won’t use it on a customers glass without testing on some glass I have .
Any input is appreciated.

We returned multiple pallets of that stuff as it scratched glass in all our tests.


Thanks Chris .
I’m glad I just ordered a little bit .

Hey Chris, what’s the deal with brass wool availability? In all my years of cleaning windows, I had never used it. I’ve found some of the 6x9 pads, but haven’t used any yet. Did all the brass wool factories shut down? Lol

Good call Chris. Multiple tests. Some glass will not scratch and other glass will. So obviously it is not the product alone. When testing products I make my own “scratch Sensitive” surface by polishing a new glass square with a cerium oxide slurry. Just do one half. Test a broken shard of glass across both sides. Then once confirmed I will test a compound, brass wool, super abrasive powder, or anything else. I should do a video on this test. Works every time.