Bronze Wool Pads VS 0000 Steel Wool | ULTIMATE SCRUB-OFF

Products Discussed:

Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit

Bronze Wool 6 x 9 Pad

Bronze Steel Wool (3 Pack)

Steel Wool

Steel Wool Roll

Magic Eraser

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Try these, just as good they don’t rust, last longer then the others.
Edco Super Quality Industrial Non Scratch Scourer

Dimensions: W230 x D150 X H10mm
•Highly effective removal of dirt and grime from most surfaces
(•Contains no abrasive particles that can scratch surfaces)
•Safe on non-stick cookware when used with water
•Great for delicate cleaning jobs
•Suitable for auto detailing of chrome and parts

Are these just the white synthetic wool pads? Or are they different?

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That’s correct these are a little bit thicker and denser then the normal one’s.

Synthetic steel wool. But made of plastic fibers. I am only curious whether or not the individual plastic fibers have been loaded with a 40 micro microcrystalline silica. The only way to know for sure would be to test for scratching. I use a mirror for that. Make it highly scratch sensitive as some windows are in the field. Then scrub good. And hit one half of where I scrubbed with either sulfuric or hydrofluoric. Then I go into a dark room with a flashlight. This allows me to see everything. You might think that nothing could pass a test like this. But that is not true! Thanx for sharing He Man. I will have to pick some up. Been looking for different alternatives that will deep clean glass quickly with a WFP. But not leave any scratches. I love the idea of bronze wool pads. But am rather reluctant to use them until I test them out for scratching. Rough (scratch sensitive) glass is so easy to scratch. I am not talking about those surfaces that make that “tinkling sound” or a “sandpaper sound”.


Thanks He man. Where can we buy some?