Brush cleaning

When do you clean and how do you clean your brushes after use

Mr. Robinson keeps his brushes in a container with pure water I believe, and driving around agitates them enough to clean them.

Also, someone mentioned soaking in a Glass Gleam solution.

I simply move my hand over the brush while allowing water to flow throuigh the jets if I see debris clinging. Takes a bit longer if alot of spider webs are involved.

thanks mate for you responce wish you well

Not so much these days. But it does work. Just keep a seal-able toolbox the length of your brush with pure water in it (& a drop of GG4). I realise that for some people it’s a pain to remove the brush-head. Depends how your set-up is & if you have an easy on/off head with quick connectors. Watch the tds fly through the roof when you test the tool box water after. One reason to make sure they are clean. In my early days I noticed a lot of spotting problems were through dirty brush heads.