Bucket Bob

So what makes a Bucket Bob a Bucket Bob ?? If you don’t where a uniform , does that make you a BB? If you car doesn’t have lettering , does that make you a BB? What if you use uniforms and your truck has lettering , but don’t have insurance, are you a BB? So I guess the question is , What is a Bucket Bob in your opinion ??

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Nomad’s thoughts on this are interesting. There’s a little back and forth in there about what a “Bucket Bob” actually is, so it should help you define what it is to you. His introductory thread has a little more depth about his [URL=“http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/introductions/16653-new-talking-other-window-washers.html”]specific business model - definitely worth looking at.

I never heard the term before I joined this forum.

If you gave me the term, the DAY BEFORE I joined…
I would have thought it was ‘that guy’ I’d see streaking up the windows at the local deli.

  • One man, his bucket and a pole.

(‘Storefront’ was something I never pursued… I had always done mainly commercial work.)

Interestingly, defining a ‘bucket bob’ subjects you to some criticism and may ruffle a few feathers. Everybody has their own unique opinion about what makes you professional caliber.
I think anyone who is neatly dressed and groomed, chooses to use the best equipment and vehicle he can afford, and abides by the laws of the land having to do with owning a business cannot be considered a ‘bucket bob’.
It’s those who appear to just not care about what they’re doing and how they look, and just want quick, unreported cash that scream ‘bucket bob’ to me.
No doubt there will be many that have another opinion.

If it quacks like a duck…

bob is usually a guy driving around in a 92 Nissan maxima with a 12 ft A frame ladder tied with twine to the roof and some sleepy looking chick in his front seat.

The “perception outweighs reality” guy with the looks but no credentials will probably make it. Or screw up until it all burns down.

Very true. There are almost unlimited people to fool out there. Like the garbage restaurants we locals know about that are constantly filled with out-of-towners!

Saw him the other day. He wears a ratty white T, cut off jeans and brown work boots. He likes Wind-- because it reminds him of his childhood and he always uses cheep paper towels. He usually makes about min. wage. He rides a 10 speed and doesn’t detail.

“bucket bob” is a stereotype. As with any stereotype, the defining characteristics will vary by definition. But I like [MENTION=153]danwagner[/MENTION]'s take on it.

…and they will be wrong.
you nailed it, dan.
“bucket bob or not bucket bob” is about mindset first and foremost

Good stuff, keep it coming. I’m semi new and I don’t want to be known as a Bucket Bob, as im looking to do window cleaning long term. I’m just seeing what I have to do to up my game even more.

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The ONLY ones who would call you a bucket Bob are other window cleaners or your competition( if you still have any)
Are other window cleaners perceptions paying your bills ?
Ask your CUSTOMERS if you are a bucket Bob and listen to what THEY say. They are the ones paying for your service.

Here are a few things about the “Bobs”. They don’t have insurance? What is it really for? Doesn’t protect you against damage really. Any cleaning damage is your fault so chances unless a major lawsuit, you come out of pocket. Bobs are not concerned with the idiot possibly falling on the sidewalk due to wet concrete. They are realists. You slipped, you are an idiot, get on their bike or honda and go. Why does a guy with a squeegee and a bucket need 1 mill coverage?. No vehicle signs or logo. Simple. If using your POV and add a sign, your ins rates go up. We use our vehicles for business but chose not to use signs and rates are dramatically lower. Our corp has a business van with signs but different policy there. Would you do a store front for $25? Do they lower the local pricing? No. Business owners are cheap to begin with. I went to 25 places the other day “shopping” Coffee, nail shops, ins/office types, places you would see in a plaza or strip mall. Rents expensive so anyway to cut costs. Most have employees with spray bottles and paper towels just hitting the door. All the employees hate doing it and refuse to clean the windows unless paid extra. Majority would only like to pay 25-30 a month. I went to a Radio Shack looked around and saw an unger pole. Started a conversation. Owner would not pay to have windows cleaned. They looked bad. Employees flat out said "I’m not hired to clean windows. So the pole sits in the corner. Could I do $25 exterior windows via WFP? 15 minutes maybe? Also, most of the business that use these guys just want the main windows and doors, not the top above the door higher glass. From what I gather folks on here can fan/pull quickly so 15 min for a few windows…
Is this type job beneath us? Heck I scrub toilets for a living (373 a month). Doing these tasks keep me employed. Maybe become a “Pole Bob” All I need is 4 places to get me a cube. I did mention the WFP cleaning and some were willing for 25 a visit maybe 2x a month just to maintain an appearance. I know this opens up a whole new thread. For most of you it would not work, for me doing solo, get a salary anyway so when not cleaning at night or day tasks could sit on the couch or clean windows. I like to clean and it would be good practice.

IMO bucket bob refers to the guy who cleans the windows at the vacuum repair shop down the way with his gas station squeegee

But does he have a Bucket?

You cant be a bucket bob
Go dodgers

Haha. Saw a worker, probably the owner, at an Oriental restaurant in Manhattan a few weeks ago doing exactly that. Long handled gas station squeegee and a bucket of VERY soapy water. He kept looking at the glass trying to figure out why he couldn’t stop leaving soapy streaks.
I had to chuckle… almost felt bad for him.

now that ya mention it, i’m not sure lol

theres a bucket bob here and ive spoken to him a couple times and i gotta say, he is the rudest sob ive ever come across

Hey I’m not the rudest SOB, every time you run into me its early and I haven’t made enough for my smokes and coffee yet, It would be nice if you
you to at least pick up the tab for a coffee since you have one in your hand, Just saying…:slight_smile:

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Yeah went full bucket bob today. Needed a second battery for my frankenstein sprayer. Went to the Shack again. Manager was there. Moved towards the corner where the unger pole was. Asked him how much. What for the pole? I said yes, hasn’t moved in a week and obviously not being used. Now he is interested. As I was talking to him the employee behind him was making silent YES, Oh Please praying hand clasp. We’ll see. Those businesses really don’t want to part with a lot of cash sure don’t mind the good old barter system. Free coffee (I’m sold) pizza, hair cut, get nail done (maybe some of that glitter stuff) or store discounts. Come on, free coffee! I’ll go for free coffee.