Bucket, bottle, Boab

Does anyone use their Boab only and refill with a bottle? Could you spray you cleaning solution directly on to the window? If I could use a Boab only, why would i bother with a 6 gal. bucket?

Hey Nathan

Thats nice for the insides, but I have found on the outsides I like to use a lot of water. Really get things wet! But Im not saying it couldn’t be done, just my personal preference.


I agree with Chris. Different situations call for different equipment. BOAB for inside, Bucket for really dirty outsides. I use my 5 Gallon bucket to refill - clean out my BOAB and clean my scrubber after doing really dirty windows. Different strokes for different folks. Whatever it takes to do a great cleaning in the shortest time.

The reason I use a big bucket outside is to make sure I get the majority of the crud out of the stripwasher. The outs can be horrible and just using a bottle to rewet the washer can leave you it really nasty. On the insides I use a bottle or spray bottle though.

I would never use just one over the other. Even if you are using a BOAB on the insides, you’ll want to clean your scrubber once in a while in your bucket.(just put your bucket in a safe location by the door)

On the outsides I like it really wet as others have mentioned but a BOAB is handy for when you are on the ladder and you want to be safe.

Like others here, I use a spray bottle often to apply clean solution on the glass for insides.

I carry a yellow rectangular bucket on wheels inside. (rubbermaid finish system bucket) I put just enough water in it to come about 4/5’s up the mop. I also have a small bucket inside the other bucket where I put my sponge and brush I use to clean frames so my dirty frame water doesn’t mix with my mop water


I like that idea! I may have to change up the way I do things a little. Thanks for posting.

Thank-you…I accept paypal and wallet-sized photos of dead presidents.

Make sure you buy a yellow, Pink or some such loud color so people will see it!!

Thanks for the replies. Makes sense now. Boab is a must-have.