Bucket grit guard?

Has anyone here thought of using grit guards for their buckets like the ones used when detailing your car? Also what do you think of claybar?

Never heard of a grit guard but I like the concept. My personal opinion is that all exterior glass that has any amount of particulates on it should be brushed/rinsed before any significant scrubbing is done. A wfp pretty much takes care of standard cleaning. If you have to then work with the glass with a scrubber/wool then special care should be taken to avoid picking up particulates from the edges/frames, especially the bottom edge. If you need to work the edges then have a piece of wool you use only for the edges, turn it while you’re scrubbing the edge of the frame then throw it away.

The grit guard idea would be good for interior windows that have particulates that could potentially scratch glass since you can’t typically wfp interior glass. Of course it’d have to be configured for a window cleaning bucket. I strive not to carry a bucket around with me much but I do use one to make sure my t-bar is clean when I don’t have running water. Be interesting to see what kind of difference it’d make in storefront glass over a period of time having a grit guard vs not. Especially in an area with dust storms. Pretty sure a lot of newbies don’t even think about how a t-bar full of dirt could be scratching the heck out of glass.

Make one that’d fit a window bucket with a way to wring the t-bar out without getting your hands wet and I just might buy one. Not sure what I’d use the clay for though. Tracks?

Grit Guard vid

Here’s a vid I found about grit guards. Is interesting how much more dirt the bucket with the grit guard had than the one without. If it makes a difference keeping a nice paint job looking good then makes sense something like that could help keep a t-bar cleaner and avoid scratching glass as well.

My experience so far is that if your to the point that you need to keep the scrubbers/tools off the bottom of your bucket, You probably need to change your solution anyway.

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I saw this conversation and then went in search for grit guards for the traditional rectangular 6 gallon buckets most of us are using. Finding grit guards for round buckets is easy but not for rectangular.

It turns out there is a supplier and that is Ettore - they refer to it as the Ettore Super Bucket Sieve.

It isn’t a full grit guard but you could buy two to get to a traditional grit guard and some modification may be required for your buckets. Dimensions are 18.25 × 3.75 × 3.50 in

Time for a rant.

I would like to reach out to Google and I’m not sure we’re allowed to swear on this forum but ---- you Google Search. It is almost impossible to find something nine of of ten people were not looking for today - any unusual search and you’re on your own bucko. I can’t find products I know exist despite using keywords that are inches away from a direct hit. It was not like this 10 years ago - I remember a Google with an uncanny ability to intuit what you were after.