Bucket Harness Idea

Noticed this product designed by a window cleaner and wondered how many thought this was a needed product or effective compared to what is currently used.

Personally I think the need isnt there, trying to fix a problem that isnt there.

This harness has a poor design in that the harness wraps even the bottom of the bucket without protection. How many times a day are we setting bucket on rough concrete or is the bucket bottom rubbing on a ledge or parapet wall while working. This rubbing will fray bottom fabric, an area we never commonly see to inspect or notice until it’s too late.

Then at a cost of $60 I surely dont see this catching on.


I guess I couldn’t see this lasting very long…I’m partial to a small diameter rope wrapped around a standard metal handle. You still need to carry the bucket around and back to the roof with out a handle no thanks.

IMO, in order for this to be “safe” and long lasting, the bucket should have molded brackets where the loops of the material goes through around the circumference. No strap on the bottom of the bucket.

Would also help if there was a wide brim above the top strap to avoid it possibly slipping out of the harness.

But, like you said, who really NEEDS this?

@mandriva, I didnt even think of how awkward carrying this back up to roof every drop would be.

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Rubber horse feed buckets work for us.

Seems like it would pia to deal with, but i can see what they were trying to accomplish. Is there a video or review on it?


I guess i might try it, never thought id spend $60 on a bucket. Lol thanks for posting @anon46335951.

Found these also, less expensive and does same thing, just hook a carabiner and shorten lanyard.

This thread died out pretty quick, was i the only one interested in this? :thinking:

There are no highrise companys here

What do you think then?

Same as my first post, doesn’t solve an issue existing in the field currently.

The harness you posted would be the way to go if one was entertaining the idea of this.

Our buckets get replaced annually, removing the wire handles using rappel rope to connect to a snap ring on our chairs. Could easily go longer than a year.

The video showed similar setup with frayed rope on bucket. If any equipment is left in field long enough, yes, it would fail.

This is why inspection prior to use is a great method for all equipment.

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Think im going to order the black one, just to try it. For some reason this is something that i cant stop thinking about. lol ill post after awhile, how i feel about it.

Yes these are valuable. I wish I had 3 right now.