Bucket Placement

Thanks Tim, for a great laugh this morning!!!

Gotcha. Hey Rob how do you like those leg stabilizers. Those sky lights your cleaning will make for some good before an after shots.

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So do I . Your right on with the bottles I use 24oz bottles, Instead of a bucket of water. I bring a bucket of bottles With everything else I need in the bucket, Scrims, squeegees, new sleeve, if my guy on the inside needs a refill he tells me or leaves them by the front door an I just refill them for him. I used to always bring a bucket of water in the house switch things up I like it better this way. The water that goes on the window is clean fresh water not dirty water like you said if the sleeve gets bad put a new one on or rinse outside. great for cleaning the sills also squirt water on them an wipe clean.

Hmmm I’m a little confused. What do u mean by the next job? I never mention another job in my posts. We are talking about using a bucket for Interiors. It can be done. Has been for many many decades. The point I’m making is that you can get the same result but without the trouble of moving a bucket or having to worry about drips. Also now hear this out. When u are using a bucket and even if u are to ring out the water are you not dipping into the same dirty water over and over.? A bottle is always filled with fresh new solution. It’s kind of like the difference between taking a shower and taking a bath. You take baths and wash yourself in dirty water. I take showers and wash myself with clean fresh water. And one bottle of solution will do quite a bit. So tell me again how your bucket is better? Preference maybe. But truly better? How?

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The last time I did it I was so mad at myself I punished myself and rewarded myself by purchasing expensive waterproof slip on boots. It was less than a month ago inside of a store.

Too many analogies going on…:smiley:

But the similarity between frequent wringing out/rinsing a stip washer is closer to a shower [B]or[/B] bath.
The ‘drop water from a bottle method’ is more like washing yourself with spray mist.

To each their own. :slight_smile:
… no skin off MY ass either way.

this is a total personal preference thing. both ways are fine, have strengths and drawbacks.

we have of those unger pouches on all our belts, but we use them to hold scrub pads, magic erasers or steel wool. if i have to choose between having those things on my belt or a bottle of solution, i’d rather have the scrubbies. i can deal with the “hazard” of bringing a bucket into the house. but that’s just me.

i will try the bottle thing, though. it’s worth a shot to see if it streamlines our workflow.
[MENTION=13761]ThruGlass[/MENTION] i’m coming up there tomorrow, skiing saturday and sunday. text me if you want to hook up for some pops tomorrow night. i’m assuming you’re riding all day, so we can catch you in P-town afterwards if u want

I agree 100%. It’s got to go with the company flow. Honestly I was taught how to clean windows with a bucket only. And I’ve also worked for companies that use strictly bottle method, no buckets. One in particular I know makes $150,000 /yr. Now I have my own company and as I’ve brought more guys in from different companies to work a lot of them have never used the bottle. It’s honestly kind of a “new school” thing. And I also agree there are benefits to both. That’s why I have kind of blended them together to make my own style. At the end of the day all that really matters is that the job is done efficiently, and the customer is happy. Beyond that it’s all a matter if taste.

As far as the “Pops” go… Yes…Yes we shall.

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I use the bucket method 100% of the time… The bottle is on me on large commercial accounts or larger homes as a just in case.

I like to keep my bucket in one spot, so I know where it is at all times. If you have a window or two left on the third floor interior of a house or you’re walking a roof and need that extra water to get the window done the bottle is a great tool to have on you. Why waste all that time walking back to your bucket for a dunk when you just need that quick squirt.

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It’s a preference thing not going to make any one faster
I have guys that work for me that will never use a squeeze bottle an I’m ok with
That . I have one guy that works for me that’s been cleaning longer than me an he laughs at me for wearing a
Bottle holder on my belt .

Does he also only do straight pulls?

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Ah funny! Only on fold ins or where needed

Just wondering if there is a golden rule for mounting these on the transom. I know where the waterline is and understand the whole no water there at speed back there. Just looking for any tips on fine tuning placement…