Bug eggs on glass

I don’t know what kind of insects they are. They seem to like junipers and azalias. They attach little eggs to glass and frames with some kind of epoxy like glue that would make NASA envious. They really add the minutes to a window cleaning job. Are these just indiginous to the south, or do any of you from other areas see these too? Any “add ins” to a bucket that might make them come off easier?
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Are these little brown spots? Is a razor about the only way you can remove them?

If so it’s probably artillery shotgun fungus. It’s very common where mulch is present, as it grows in the mulch. It shoots those little spots into the air and they attach themselves to just about everything. They are a pain!

I always assumed they were some kind of bug egg, but fungus fits too. GG3 and a stripwasher will cut them eventually. I usually break out the razor if there is more than one on the pane. I have never tried anything else in the water.

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I’ve run across everything from insect eggs to shotgun fungus and a razor is the best most efficient way to remove this stuff.

hmmmm…could be the fungus. I’ve just always assumed that they were an insect egg. Now to find out if there is something to spray on the mulch of my repeat customers so I don’t have to repeat the razor part of the clean up.

I recommend to my customers that it would be better for their home and windows if they used rock or gravel instead of mulch.

Or pine needles. Pine needles have so many advantages. They look good and stay looking good, unlike those dyed mulches. I haven’t heard of them spontaneous combusting like mulch can. Pine needled are also acidic, which is good for different kinds of flowers, like azaleas. And you won’t get shotgun fungus from pine needles.

Maybe I should start offering pine needle installation?

Warm human urine works great- although the customers usually dont approve of this method.

If I ever get caught peeing in a customer’s yard I’ll be sure and yell out “stand back…I almost have this shotgun fungus under control”


Bug poop is great. poop soup…mmmmmmm-mmmmm- toasty

I had heard they were bug eggs of some kind and I always used a razor to get them off. However, I had a store front of large windows covered with hundreds of them. I use a health amount of ammonia in my bucket and soaked the windows and then went back to scrub them off with an abc soaker with a scrub pad on one side. This got a lot of them off (hundreds) my mop looked like it had Chia seeds all over it and they didn’t wash out. I ended up using a razor blade to get the majority of them off the window, but the ammonia seemed to make it easier to get them off. The next day I was cleaning windows with the same mop and the eggs started coming off into the water. After a few hours there were hundreds of tiny winged bugs floating in my water. In my case I guess they were eggs and ammonia helped but ultimately the razor worked…