Build It And They Will Come!

Hello fellow WC’s, I’m new to the forum and I have been viewing all accessed Post since 5/2 and I must admit that you WC’s really enjoy this lot. Publicly, I’d like to thank Chris from ACWC for allowing a complete stranger an opportunity to put food on table, pay some bills and enjoy making my schedule to a degree. And I can’t forget Alex, who has shared some of his WC experiences. These guys are AWESOME! So here’s my second Post, currently, I’m renting pressure washer from $55-$75 depending on the PSI. I don’t currently do a lot of pressure washing jobs but, I really want to purchase my own just because I’m anal like that way and it will prevent me from charging the customer more to cover the rental fee. Anyway, attached are a few pressure washers that I’m considering. Keep in mind that I’m a person that feels that it is better to be over prepared (having a high PSI rather than a low PSI and needing to rent/purchase a more powerful PSI machine because mine can’t cut it). I’m looking for feedback as to which pressure washer to choose from if I plan to pressure wash Vinyl/Brick/stone/stucco/concrete etc. Thus, which is better Hot or Cold water and why?

Thanks! I look forward to your feedback!

Of course I’m not a pro on power washing but I have done my fair share. I purchased a $250.00 Karcher (from BIG LOTS) with a 5HP Honda motor, a little over a year ago. I have used it to generate $6,000.00 + dollars. I have used Dewalt powerwashers and others. I cant say I have been at all disappointed with it’s integrity or performance. It is only 2400psi. I am only cleaning vinyl sided homes, condo’s, garages. For these projects my customers are very satisfied.
I use brushes on the outside of the gutters. Unless you are doing concrete or post Katrina cleanup, I don’t need any more. Maybe my next upgrade will be 2800psi, but man does that blast your arm back when on a ladder. I like to get up fairly close to make sure I do a good job. Just some personal thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Pull the trigger on a 4 GPM “cold water” belt drive unit preferably with a Honda motor!

It will last you a LONG time if…you take care of it;)

i would like to hear more info on Pressure Washers, if people can post some specs of some that would be great. I am thinking about investing into one too…

i heard that Hondas are alright, but that there water pumps break down alot… is that true?

Hell, if you’re going to pull the trigger, buy a 5GPM hot water unit.

What’s your budget?

Who wouldn’t like to pull that trigger??

Our machines are Hotsys. I believe they are about 3700 psi. They are great. No hot water though. But keep in mind, 95% of the time we are just washing vinyl siding on 2 to 3 story homes.

If thats your target, you don’t need much more. If your going to target commercial properties or parking lots… thats a different story and I have very few answers in that department.

Good luck Stewart, maybe I’ll see you soon.

Alex: He said his plans include “Vinyl/Brick/stone/stucco/concrete etc.”

young squeegee: Lotsa good info here: Forums - Pressure Washing and Contractor Cleaning Forums - The Grime Scene

and here:

Decide on your budget, target consumer, and plans other than immediate need. Make an informed decision on the basis of your needs.

Thanks Larry, just throwing my two cents in on what I can.

No worries. Your two cents mean alot more than the two cents of others (present forum company excluded.)

If you are just going to residential i would go with a honda 5 gpm, you do not need the hi psi, 3000 psi would be just fine, remember it is the water that does the cleaning not the psi.anything higher than 3000 psi could damage the surfaces

You want to get the 5 gpm machine so you can run a surface cleaner on it.

If you are going to get into commercial pressure washing, i would get a hot water machine, plus a water capture device.

I am old school, i only have a 9hp honda 3 gpm.

Don’t hate

Thanks Chris, I see your point and don’t worry I do not plan on using a pressure washer while standing on a ladder-(OSHA)!

Thanks Craig, I was considering 3500 PSI with a 4GHM. I just wasn’t sure it should be belt driven or not.

Thanks Alex, I too want to target 2 to 3 story vinyl sided house but, my community is filled with almost every type of specialized contractor out their. However, there a few WC. Especially one who WC’s like me! Anyway, I just want to be able to compete and offer WC after the Pressure washing job is done! PS - Your 2 cents is always welcome in my pocket!

Thanks Larry, I will view this info tomorrow.

Thanks Doug, I do some more research.

Hey guys thanks a lot. I’m looking to do 2-3 story vinyl sided homes, decks; i.e finished/unfinished, wood,cedar,slate ect. driveways; i.e blacktop,cobble stone, concrete. I’m basically looking for an universal Pressure Washer.

We used KEW Contractors for years. they are hot water models that we mounted to trailers