Building and RO/DI cart play by play

just bought some supplies


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Have fun designing!


Just keep an eye on the pressure. The R.O. housings don’t like too much of it.

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so i was worried at first about how little water it produced, but after i got a ball valve for the waste outlet it produced a bit more.

this is with an incoming tds of 120 and out going of 7

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Tag… @TheWindowCleanse.

so this is what i settled on…

the incoming tds here was 47 and the RO alone produced 1 tds if i need more i can add the unger after the RO

What size RO filters are those.

it’s 1 21" and the other one is the carbon

Do you feel that you have enough flow with a smaller RO filter?

yes, it’s on the low end of what will work but i’ve done almost 1000 panes with it this week and i’m happy with it, i may not be if i go to a customers house that has low pressure but i’ll probably go di only in that case

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Are you running it threw a DI after the RO …

yes, our unger hydropower