Bull Rings by Dangerous Dave

If you haven’t heard already, be sure to check out our Bull Rings by Dangerous Dave! Five different styles are available as well as give different colors! Shop now or check it out below: Dangerous Dave


I got two of these…they never leave my belt and work great.

I understand that these bull rings are no longer in production. I am trying to make my own. For those of who have the original ones by Dangerous Dave, can you share the dimension/diameter of the bull rings used? Thanks a bunch!

I wonder if Dangerous Dave is still in window cleaning business?
Anybody knows what happened to him?

Yer in the day he was always posting something.
And greeting new people to the forum.
But noticed that he is on FB might be able to catch up there??

Last time I spoke with him he mentioned that he’s busy cleaning windows. How could he possibly make more money making Bull Rings than cleaning glass? My guess is it’s not worth doing.

I’ve gotten requests for them so I’m working on my version. It won’t be leather. It’s not cost effective to make the way Dave was making them.

Dave blocked me on FB a few years ago, but I hear he is still alive and kicking :wink:

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That’d be awesome. Does anyone know the diameter of the rings he used…?


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But the last guy made them with leather

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That’s great to hear. His website is down, so I was just wondering…