Burger King Franchise Owner List

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I was able to find this contact list for Burger King owners. There’s a store I want to approach that has the dirtiest windows. Its a standard Burger King. How much should I approach them with in terms of a bid?

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What’s the best method to contact these bigger franchises to get all of their locations?

Charge what you need to make your company profitable and remember each job will get faster the more you do it so take that into consideration when bidding and remember when your bidding these type store they have many people wanting to service these accounts.

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From what I could see in the booklet, it does list all of their locations. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

You need to find the District Manager or a Facilities Manager. DM would be the first target. GMs probably can’t give out the contact info but they can pass your info along. You have a big advantage by seeing who owns what. You can now target the stores in groups, and just canvass them as you would a Mom and Pop, but making sure to contact the store GM face to face.

A lot is being at the right place at the right time, asserting yourself when the time comes and that does take persistence, as @wcs said.

As far as timing goes, 12-2pm is a bad time to try to pitch to them while they are flying around with their head cut off. Early morning before they open or right at opening time is a nice time when it is quiet and they may be more receptive and actually there, as most GMs arent going to schedule themselves to close.

Corporate hustle is a fun and rewarding game to learn.:blush:


For the store that I was interested in, I was able to find the office and number of the owner. I figure that I could just call them or send a letter, but I’m not sure what to say yet.

To be honest I live at the New Jersey Shore. One day I went to the McDonald’s nearby for a quick lunch. The person at the window was wearing a suit and tie when I payed. This was not the usual McDonald’s manager outfit, so I asked the gentleman “Excuse me, Are you the owner?”. He said that he was indeed the owner, I then explained to him I am a window cleaner with many years of experience and I am insured. I told him I would love to take care of his restaurant. I gave him my card and promptly drove off eating my chicken nuggets. He called me about a month later and I have been cleaning that location along with his and his parents home ever since. So, whenever the opportunity pops up, do not be afraid to seize it.


If you know the name of the owners you can give them a call and setup a time to meet up and exchange information.

Your best bet is always to meet them in person.

Good info. Thanks. I noticed in your videos you do lots of fast food joints. How much do you charge for a bojangles?