Business Card Title

Hey Guys,

I am revamping my business card and I am trying to figure out if I should put some sort of title under my name. What do you guys do about titles on your business cards?
I am the owner, but I am also in charge of sales, estimates, managing, recruiting, etc. Should I put one of the following, Owner? President? General Manager? Sales Manager? or just leave it blank?


Mine say: [B]Chief Squeegee Officer[/B] - it’s subtle but people generally think it’s funny.

Here’s our card.

I love them card Tony! I had a guy that was going to wrap my truck and he was going to use a design like that but the water was light blue so I passed on it. I like the dark blue water alot.

mine say “owner” but you could always add humor and put “the Boss”

I just looked for synonyms for director which is what I have on mine.

administrator, big person, boss, chair, chief, controller, exec, executive, executive officer, governor, head, head honcho, helmer, key player, kingpin, leader, organizer, overseer, person upstairs, player, principal, producer, skipper, supervisor, top dog, top person

Hehe, think i’m going to have to change mine to Head Honcho.

It depends on what image you are trying to convey. I have biz cards without any names or titles…this way I can have any use/hand them out. If they want - they can scribble their name on it. Secondly - I have never been a big fan of titles in general, mainly for the very reason you explained. Let’s see…I own the business, I manage it, I do sales, I AM customer service, I clean windows, I dirve the van, purchase supplies and equipment, wash towels, take out the trash, etc…

I like to think that I work “outside” of a title, no one label can encompass what I do. But for professional appeal - I would put Owner or President

I also like the idea of this:
Locally Owned & Operated By:
(your name here)

Mine have “owner/operator” under my name. Thinking about “window czar” next time around though…

[I][B]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/B][/I]

I had some made for my guys that said -


Here is my postcard - I am going to use a smaller version for my business card. - I will have a name on the business card.

How about trying something different like
"Director of Neighborhood Awareness of Beautifully Cleaned Windows"

Alittle long, but something like that?

Just a point for you to consider…
If you’re incorporated, you can’t be an owner. A corporation is essentially a different person. President is the closest title you can claim. But all the other ideas are appealing…

my title is with humor

Severn Harper
Chief Window Cleaner

[QUOTE=runken;53979]Mine have “owner/operator” under my name.


I prefer mine to be professional

“Expert World Brightener?”

“Professional Squeegee Puller?”

“Pole Master Extraordinaire?”


I never put anything on mine, as an owner. Let my manner and work speak for itself. Matter of personal preference, I suppose.

For Legacy, in order to get folks to open up to me as a decision-maker I do always include my title of “Operations Manager.” Makes folks feel more comfortable with me knowing that I know what I’m doing.

I call our owner, Mauricio, “El Jefe Grande,” “Big Boss.”

He hates it. :smiley:

I use “Owner” as my title. I think most people assume that you pretty much do everything with that title.

President sounds good to me

I have always been a fan of:

“Transparent Wall Technician”

OWNER - Pretty much says it all