Business Checks

This is probably considered very basic, but anyway. I need to order checks for my Operating Expenses account and I have a couple questions.

Is it normal for PO box addresses not to be allowed on a check? I’m running into that, but my only other choice is to use my personal address.

Should I include only my Business’ name on the check or should I also include my name and my wife’s name on the check?

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Tommy or Lisa XXXXXX

Also, any recommendations for ordering checks online? I’m thinking Vistaprint.

Does it really matter whether it’s a po box or your address? Only companies you shop with are going to see them. Am I not correct?

I order checks through my bank business account with a carbon copy behind them so I always have an extra record of checks written. They are labeled with the business name and address.

No, I’ll likely be writing checks to vendors, employees, or subcontractors at some point too. More than anything I pay to have a PO Box to keep my residence out of the picture and for a more professional image than a home based business. I was surprised when a vistaprint error said I couldn’t use it.

Your checks don’t require anything on them but the routing number, account number, and legal business name; and obviously signature line, amount line, date line, pay to line, etc.

We leave address and name off our checks, no real reason to put it there, all your other printed material should have your PO Box or physical address.

Don’t use the bank’s order feature; they will charge you 2-5x what you can get them printed for elsewhere.


That’s good to know. Hell I’m paying twice that!

Ya I agree. I have a PO box to get all my business mail An my home address is on my checks. With my business name

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