Business name

Hi everyone.

Important decision to make
Would very much appreciate your feedback.

We started a lawn care company last year, after much consideration we chose Red Robin lawn and garden for our business name.
We chose this as after researching our market, we found the name to be memorable, while robins portray a lot of positive attributes to our marketing. Spring, return every year, friendly, etc. We also believe that the woman of the house often chooses their service provider.

We offer window cleaning as part of our service for total property maintenance, and without really marketing this service we have already about 25 residential customers.
This year we have made the decision to make this as core offering of our business, and market heavily as there is little competition.

We use traditional equipment, as well WFP ( unger DI )
This year I want to buy a van and go all out.

Here is the question…

Does anyone like the name RED ROBIN Window Cleaning?
or should I try to brand a different name for the business.
Does it sound “windowy” enough or should we go with something like Clear View, streak free or something like that.

We will tweak the logo to Red white and Blue, and remove lawn and garden to add window cleaning to the logo.
I will also buy another web domain to promote the windows as its own thing as opposed to having it get lost in our lawn services page.
I think that we will be able to grow this business faster with less expense than the lawn care.
Trailers and commercial mowers are expensive, and not everybody can dive a truck with trailer.

I think as long as you’ve got “window cleaning” in it, it works.

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I think there is nothing wrong with Red Robin Window Cleaning. Someone might say that birds leave messes on windows blah blah blah, but I often think naming in the service industry can be way over thought.

The biggest thing for me was that I wanted something that clearly stated what I did. My old boss used to get calls about window tinting, window installation and window repair-none of which we did. I went in a direction that isn’t clever or anything. The Window Cleaning Shop.

I like the Red Robin myself, just after listening to so much Josh Ladimer…
Birds be Gone is his old company

Somewhat opposite ideas

I like the name. If you’re starting to build a solid reputation in your area, you might as well build off of that instead of trying to market a new name.

There could be a lot of opportunities for cross-marketing between the lawn care and window cleaning (assuming you’ll still be doing the lawn care?) No need to confuse customers with a completely separate name.

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thanks Alex

Did this work with Snow for you?

Put a squeegee in the Robin leg. :sunglasses:


Hah, good catch. I actually marketed snow removal under both our registered DBA: Infinity Cleaning, and the Gentle Touch pseudonym.

I set up a separate website and phone number, mostly so I could rank on Google SERP’s and local results more quickly. But all of our snow removal customers see and know us as Infinity Cleaning.


This reminds me: it’s about time to switch out the horribly plagiarized logo in my avatar, for our standard logo, lol.


Doing both…but with two sites and a second phone number
the lawn care number is xxx LAWN (5296)

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Red Robin Window Washing
Double alliteration. Very memorable.


I like it.

I like it. Sounds delicious!

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I like it too.

Go with it, like a few others said you are already are making your name known with the lawn care. It only makes sense to carry the name over to your WC

It horrible I would not use it… :wink:

It’s the opposite of “Birds Beware” (a very successful brand) for window cleaning.

Hi Steve
Thanks for the comment…
Just want to make sure what your thinking, the winking smiley face makes me unsure.

You think this is the wrong way to go?

Hey Jason I was just giving you a hard time. The names fine, heck there was a band named “flock of seagulls” so Red Robin window cleaning should be fine. :slight_smile:

Just want to start right…
Lettering the van and advertising will cost money, but, re branding the window company could be the most costly if we don’t start right

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Hello Jason. I like the way it sounds when answering the phone “hello, this is Jason at Red Robin Window Cleaning.”