Business Systems

I’m a long time lurker and long time window cleaner. I’ve finally decided to join the WCR(A) community!

I own a blind and window cleaning business and have heard so much about SYSTEMS. Systems are the key, it seems. I feel like the goal for anybody in the service industry should be to have a “sellable” business, a turn key business. What does this look like to you veterans out there as we get into what would be the start of the 2017 season for most of us?

What are some of the things that make your business “easier” and streamlined not just in the office but out on the field?


  • employee handbook with written expectations of each job, checklist for tools, etc.
  • do you use written time cards? Do you all meet at an office/home to discuss the details of the day? What is your dress code? Shirts tucked in? hats with the logo, etc?
  • does every customer, including residential include a bid/estimate sheet and business card paper clipped or just a business card with a price on the back?
  • what do your customer profiles look like? What information do you collect from the customer upon bid or payment?

What is consistently making your business “sellable” and unique?

Thanks everyone!