Busted one of my Tucker Poles yesterday

Extended a little too far… I was only on my fifth window of the day.

not a great picture. it was taken with my phone

I was able to mend it by beating it with a pair of vice grips and cranking down the clamp as tight as i could. It still worked well for the rest of the day.

This is the reason why a Tucker pole is hard to beat in terms of holding up to just about anything. Break out the old hacksaw and she’ll be good as new.:smiley:

This is just a fraction of one of the four buildings we completed yesterday. Most was done with wfp

Thats exactly what I was thinking.

If you really want to step up to the plate and get it dialed in call me! I can tell you how to make it like brand new (minus a few inches):wink:

I’ve fixed soooooo many its pathetic!!!

Thanks Craig.

When I find a minute to fix it up, I’ll call you for sure.

Yeah…do that Stud! I can help you get it fixed properly.Been dealing with those poles for years,not to mention are you still using the “tucker tool”?

If so…that’s another thing that needs to go bye bye:D

I used a pair of vice grips to tighten it up. Not the tucker tool

Thats sooooooo not happening:D we definitely need to talk.Call me when you get a chance i shot you my # on a PM

will do bud. talk to you soon

With the new carbon type modular its possible to fix with expanding foam. Just thought I’d throw that in!
I thought Tucker had got rid of pennel clamps?

this particular pole is probably like 6 years old

Brodex now offer 3 year guarantee’s on some of their poles. Check out the video:

Robin Tucker has not offered the Tucker pole with pennel clamps in the USA.

So Alex…ever get that pole taken care of,as you never called?

just tried calling you man. haha we can play phone tag for a while. :smiley: I left you a message with my cell number. I’ll be around the office all day. Give me a shout whenever. I am interested to see what you have in store. Thanks Craig

Alex: Maybe you could video the repair and enhancements and post so that all Tucker users could benefit.

Can do. Just got to pick up a few items. I can probably fit it in some time next week.

I heard what you said on ‘nation’ - thought you might like to see the pennel clamps. Even though its not going to help you with the busted pole.


Robin showed me those in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. They look a hell of a easier than whats going on now.