Busting it today … Then

Started 7 am it’s now 10:30am. Two BK’s , Two Panera Breads, an Anthony’s Coal Fire pizza , a Mexican place , all in/out
, and 4 other places exterior only.

Now this , f man wanted to get a lot done today oh well nappy time , maybe go home :sunglasses:


Just clean in the rain bruh


Yaaaaa . I know … you know when your not in the mood to get wet. I don’t have a raincoat it’s a little chllly 40 degrees.
I was in the mood to work. I had the pedal to the metal tunes cranking

Now I’m in lazy mode, nothing a cup of coffee can’t cure. It will stop , then I’ll get moving. Just wanted to complain. Lol.

I’m kinda slow but I got a nice house scheduled for Saturday.

I love the doctor customers, only question is when can you do? :laughing:


That’s exactly what you want to hear once you give them there quote … especially when I give it in the spot. Most times I just email them the quote.

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Didn’t know bucket bob’s could email quotes

Ya I just usually write it on the back of a card take a pic an email it .

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As I drove to a client’s house yesterday, the sky was looking nasty. Weather held though.

@Majestic66 that back of the business card approach ever work for you? It only gets me google business searches and hope.

@Narcos I hear you about it being slow. Had several people tell me they wanted to wait until spring.

I was just kidding about that. Don’t ever do that . Should of put an :woozy_face: emoji after that.

i actually just saw a you tube video yesterday about digital business cards, creating your contact info on your phone with picture and sending to customer/prospect. i’m gonna get this ready over the winter

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It’s supposed to rain like crazy here today and not a single drop yet

I was thinking the same running until 3pm! now it has been nuts for 4 hours

Don’t you hate when that happens. :rage: