Hey yawl,

What happen to the HOME page button in the navigation bar…It looks like things were changed a bit, so when on another page how do you get to the home page without clicking the return arrow on my Google chrome ?

The forum list comes up when I first signed in, how do I get to the Home page then ?

Hey Alex and Chris,
We want our home button back!

Thanks for the post Dangerous :slight_smile:

Just click the logo

ha, video game style secret tricks! I’ll have to click on everything on the screen now to see if there’s anything else to discover . . .

Or just click “What’s new” to see what posts have happened that you haven’t opened yet. Same as home screen except it filters out all the threads you’ve already read.

Having the home button on the homepage is classic bad design… Because your already on that page :slight_smile:

If I could make it appear on every page “except” the home page I would do it. Its just not possible at the moment.

Now that I know the secret hand shake I’m good. :slight_smile:

Could a moderator move this thread to the appropriate subforum, please?

Thanks Chris…I’m good to go now ! Just needed to know where to click !


Your Welcome Michael…Say Bro how are you doing. I’ll give you a call soon !



So from your avatar I see you like surfing…Are you a surfer dude ! I think I read something about you surfing on one of your posts, Cowabunga Dude !



Starting threads in the appropriate sub-forum assists with searches and tracking forum-specific issues.

It’s obvious that you are concerned with how people view you (your past defensiveness and over-the-top responses attempting to draw attention to yourself), but this isn’t about you – it’s about a thread.