Buying a storefront route

Hey all!

I’m looking to expand my storefront/small commercial clientele. Currently, my small storefront portfolio is around $550/mo. And I’m trying to work on my sales approach (my main weakness right now is sales).

For those who have bought or sold route clients, what was that process like? How much is reasonable to expect to pay? And what’s the best way to go about this - contact window cleaners in my area?

Are contracts between the cleaner and route business necessary? And how does one verify that the route is worth what it is (receipts, past invoices, etc.?)

Any help on this would be great!

Haven’t done a window cleaning route, but when I sold my pool route I sold it for yearly profit. Most routes go for about the same. As far as confirming value, same as any business, look over the full books.

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I wouldn’t ever buy a storefront route. Usually storefronts MIGHT have an allegiance with their current window cleaner and if a different company comes in claiming to have taken over, then all bets are off and might as well look around for a cheaper option.

The only way you could make it work is to pay a monthly percentage of the route based on how stores stay with you and then space the payments out over a year so that the storefronts have a chance to develop an affinity to you.

Storefronts are low hanging fruit. There’s no reason for them to stick with you unless you’re the cheapest.

It would be better for you to just start talking to businesses around your current jobs and grow a route organically. “Hey, I’m next door cleaning the pizza place, would you like an estimate? I can get you cleaned right after I’m done. No? Okay, I’m over here every other week so if you need me, or if your current guy doesn’t show up, just let me know.”

And don’t forget about that insurance building or dentist office BEHIND your current job. Everyone focuses on strip malls, but there’s gold around the corner.

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Gotta disagree there. This is why you never buy it out right. 20-30 percent down and pay notes over a certain period of time not a year at least 3 years I did 5 years with my route I bought. I know you explained this already Just reiterating. Have a no
Compete clause and sone sort of guarantee written to the contract.

I would have at least a 3 month guarantee for all work. So any work that you lose within that gaurntreee time frame will be deducted from principle. ,

Why would anyone buy a route out right is behind me unless it’s for very cheap.

You want it to be and established route, at least five years of service. That has growth potential.
What one is worth is the million dolllar question.

Sone things to look for is how tight this route is
Is there potential for growth. What type of competition is in the area. Is the comp aggressive.
How often are you servicing stores , Is it all mom and pops are their sone corporate accounts, dealerships and whatnot

Me personally if you can get and established route at a fair price , and it’s tight and his prices are decent.
I’m all in on that. Think of all the time you save having to solicit all that work. Time is money.

It’s not east building a nice route. It takes time resilience, and balls. I tip my hat to anyone who’s built a nice route from just busting it day in and day out.

I bought a route that’s what got me started. I don’t regret it one bit I busted it , and work hard adding on. You’re always going to lose , it’s why you have to alway be adding. I have a love hate with it. I hate it when busy wirh resi love it when slow , but whatever no one is getting rich cleanjng windows. No matter what your day has to be profitable. What that means to you me are going to be different , so just figure what you need to make in a day , and see if his route gets you there. If it does then it’s worth it at the right price. Whatever that may be.

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Absolutely anything with glass. It’s near your route go get it.