Buying a truck

I am looking to get a truck.

How much money do you recommend I spend?

I currently just do residential but have potential commercial accounts.

Should I possibly finance?

Im currently working out of my little car and it sucks! Should I be focused on getting a truck for my business ASAP? Or should I wait until I have enough i.e a few months?

It dosent look too professional driving a car.

What was your first?

I dont know what your finances are so it’s hard to say if you should buy or not.

However, I can say that going into debt when you don’t have to is probably not the best way to start your biz.

But I understand wanting to put forth a professional image and having a vehicle that can haul your equipment. Pulling up in a Toyota Tercel can be a problem I’m sure.

Maybe find a nice used pickup that you can pay off in under 6 months even if business isn’t all that great.

I would put more money on marketing your company, instead of a new truck. Market your company well and you can have a fleet of new trucks in a few years. Buy a new truck now and scrimp on the marketing, and you will be working your butt off for some guy with a fleet of new trucks in a few years.

Interesting way to look at it!

I am currently ready to spend $3000 on a truck, but I would like to increase the truck fund to 5 or 6k.

I would like to get the truck and then do crazy marketing as then I will be able to handle 5 or 6 houses a day rather than only 3 or 4!

Another thing is I have lived in this relatively small town for my entire life… Everywhere I go out I run into people I know and pull up beside friends at lights ect. when people start seeing a truck with a wrap advertising my business, that will get the marketing buzz going quick!

Anyways I have decided a truck is in order. Time to focus.

In my area, $5000 won’t buy much more truck than $3000 will if you shop for the right deal. If money is the issue, buy the cheaper truck for awhile and invest the additional 2 or 3 grand in marketing and by next year your business will be doing well enough to buy the truck (or trucks) you really want.

Thats a tough call in business, to take on debt or not. When I started I borrowed money for a small low mileage s-10. It worked for me, though I didn’t have work yet, I knew the image would also sell. I never regretted it! My trucks always get me business since they are advertising for me everywhere I go. But, with that said, I have never gotten a loan for something I could not afford. So if you choose to take out a small loan, do your research, know your current (not projected) income and make an informed decision.

One business fact is “you have to spend money to make money”, but that doesn’t mean you need to get a $40k Tundra off the showroom floor either! :slight_smile:

I know guys who have worked out of their cars too, but they eventually bought trucks, you pull up to a three story house who looks like they have the tools to do the job? The guy in the car, or the one in the truck? Not saying that is the final word or anything, but it is going to affect the view people may have in their minds. No offense intended bud.

I’ve got a van. :slight_smile:

Yep I totally agree.

Crap, you have a nice ride!

I feel classy for using the same ladder toppers as the ones pictured.

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Nice Buddyo :slight_smile:

Hey nice truck Buddyo. What kind of racks are those? I am looking for a rack for my truck.

The racks are made by Thule. At the time when I bought the truck, they were the only racks available for this model.

Your attitude is more than your car, but that being said having a nicer vehicle does improve your attitude a whole freaking lot!..I drove a turd for many years,…I had a 97 dodge truck full size, had 307k when i sold it to another window cleaner…:slight_smile: I bought a 2000( i wrecked the 97) it was having issues and got an 06 full size dodge…NOW if you can get a cheap truck and work you way up do it, cause have a truck payment and paying $3.89/ gallon sucks real bad, cause if it was paid for I can buy the gas…but last month I spent $914 in gas alone!!!

Just got a 1997 Nissan pathfinder 180,000km

I spent all day looking online and went to a few used card dealships. Didn’t like the prices on anything I saw so I was kinda mad. Anyways was over at my friends having beers and another friend comes over and says damn I can’t wait to sell my jeep and buy my moms civic!

I didn’t want to seem too eager haha anyways he said all he wants is $1500, cause thats what his mom wants for her civic.

I couldn’t even hold myself together I was ecstatic! What a sweet deal! And the jeep is in mint condition! I shook his hand and said its sold on the condition that he gets it safetied and it passes.

So pumped!!! A truck is like the last bridge to success for my business. I will be able to handle more demand now and look professional!

What was your ROI?

Wait, did you buy a Nissan Pathfinder or a Jeep?

Congrats, whatever you got;)

Nissan pathfinder but its kind of similar to a jeep id say

Ah. Cool. I would rather have a Nissan than a Jeep.

Can a nissan pathfinder do this? my window cleaner ride will walk right over the front of a nissan pathfinder and not skip a beat to the next job lol

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Does a Nissan Pathfinder that is used as a window cleaning vehicle need to do that? Helicopters can hover in the air… Very useful for search and rescue and general air travel, but not so much for window cleaning. :wink:

It’s gotten me a job or two as a conversation piece lol

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