Calcium deposit removal, glass stain removal, hard water removal? How should I list it?

I’m trying to figure out the best wording for my business card that most customers can understand.

Any input, if this is already recently answered forward me the link and my apologies… sorta, must keep me and these forums active!!

Thanks guys you are rock!!

Oh and I score another store front job for $30 only takes 10 mins and it’s rigt next to my $100 round table job!


Bobby, delete you, you deleted icewhole.

OK, just having fun with the “Delete Me” thread you started. DUDE, TRY BULLETS. Your card is too busy with some really neat cartoon characters that may not convey the message (you feel me, you deleted ICEWHOLE).

OK enough fun at your deleted expense. Hey, what message do you wish to put across, that you know someone who’s really good at drawing cartoon characters, or that you’re serious about business? AND, your email addy is really hard…
ANYWAY, use bullets to differentiate between services. ALSO, figure out which services generate the most revenue and focus on those. Make the others into a byline on your card and bullet the moneymakers.

Thant’s just my 2 cents worth, but what the delete do I know?

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Actually I drew this cartoon for the business, Their names are Squeak N’ Squeegee… Named after my kids who inspired every aspect of my business and the reason behind starting it. For their future. Its my brand, my logo, my business itself. but thank you for the tip!

as for the email, does really look much better for $60 a year when i never get an email from customers that are not already redirected from yelp, or home advisor, etc etc…

ALl 4 of those services are the four i want to advertise for. Nothing less nothing more. If i had 20 services, i would understand, and pick only the mains… But those are the four services i want everyone to know when they see my business card…

Oh i do gutter cleaning (hands them a business card for window cleaning) … Maybe it is just me, but when someone tells me something they can do for me, and they hand me a business card, and then i see it again a few weeks later when i get a chance… Ill know why i need to contact them after i forgot… Just my 2 cents , please don’t delete me from your friends list! lol

Best example is my wife offers both music lessons and baked goods… Would be weird for her to be talking to someone and hand them a business card that only said Music lesson or baked goods… Yes yes, we could have 2 different business cards, but do you seriously expect her to want that??

My accountant set me up with Office 365 for up to 25 email addresses for about $5, not that I need more than one, Anyway, I get the kids. We love our kids, and I certainly don’t mean to insult. However, you were asking opinions so mine remains that your card may be too busy. I use bullets on the back of my card to list my services, and list my name, website, and contact info on the front

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I wasn’t insulted by your comment, I apologized if my statement conveyed such anger…
I was justvgoving you my rebuttal as to why I can’t change it.

I tried the bullet thing but they just didn’t look that good with all the other aspects of the business card.
Every time I make a super simple business card , it looks so generic and like shit even I say I don’t want it…

Every time I get handed a business card and hey look like the same design from vista print or other print companies…

Every painter uses that grey/black card with orange and red paint on a brush.

Every contractor uses they tanish beige card with a set of tools or tool box on the side…

I want mine to look different but I also have a tendencies to make them look like a brochure lol…

Thanks again for your opinion…

However the main reason for this thread was to ask how to work it , calcium deposit removal, hard water removal, or glass stain removal.

I also found a place called zoho who has set me up with a. Free domain based email.
All free. I can pay 2 per month and have it forward to gmail.

I read a huge article after reading your post… it conveyed it perfect to me…

When ever I get emails both in personal and business life, I check the email… if I had someone offering me a cc and it said I would be massively skeptical…

I found a host that gives me a lot for free and I can upgrade for $2 a month… $24 a year I’ll do it.

Hey brotha, I’ve noticed a few times that you ask for opinions and get the same answers about the cartoon characters and your cards/site being way too busy.

There’s a reason why people continue to comment about it. If your just going to defend why it’s that way, why even ask people? You already know what you want for your company and most guys here think it’s too busy for a reason.

Save the hassle and just do you.

I don’t mean it in a negative way but this has to be the 3rd or 4th thing with the same responsees from people and I don’t think you get what people are saying.

I love my kids too and what I am doing is to provide for them and I want them to grow to be a part of my business(if they so choose) but I don’t need to create it around a child’s mentality.

I personally don’t mind the window character. It’s a good touch but on 1 card you have 2 characters, way too much lettering , unorganized bubble.

It doesn’t look like a professional, adult business card. It looks like a high school kids dream. Slapped together and too much happening.

I say less colours, 1 character, smaller font, organized text and take out "/ storefront ". Residential/commercial gets to the point. And I agree on your email…I’ve mentioned it before. It’s way too long and annoying. If your not going to have the professional to It, at least take out the word office and do

And don’t feel bad. I slapped my logo together until I can afford it upgrade to hi def. I have lots to work on my own business as well. So don’t take it personal!!

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Card is too busy.
Congrats on the new acquisition!

IF u must have all that… id suggest:

Window & Gutter Cleaning
Stain Removal & Screen Repair

Thanks for he feed back again. I’m not insulted nor hurt, and I have dumb down my stuff so much. You should see my old shirts. Way to busy. I even redesigned my yard signs and got the truck decals… I know I make mistakes and I’m very picky. But i want the feed back so I can make other changes. Besides the toons!! :slight_smile:

I’ll make a dumbed down design when I get home, see how I like it, see what you guys think, and also get my friends and family vote and get my other business connections to see what they think, heck might even ask my clients…

I got this last job because he recognized my cartoon characters on my shirt from my business card, and he goes oh yeah I been meaning to call you… people are starting to recognize my cartoons. I’m not trying to be ungrateful or rude, but would google give up their symbol, or Disney, or any major company with a symbol / toon/ character as their brand. Could you see Aflac not printing the duck on everything, or geico not printing the lizard on their stuff…

I might be over thinking this. And I’ll dumb it down some, but this is he kind of shit get force us to do in my collage courses I took… sorry to plain, ad more colors, detail, make it look special and not common and generic. You need to stand out… if I turned in the type of business card y’all mention to me, they would give me a C.

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That’s fine. Run Forest. Run.

Ya man. Still do you. It’s your business :slight_smile:

Character placement is much better on this one
Email is cleaner, professional and fits the card nicely.

Id still suggest taking out store front and leaving “Residential/Commercial” on your bottom line. Maybe centered.

For what you are going for, much cleaner!

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Another I quickly tossed together

I personally already like this one way better!

I think you could get away with removing “hard water removal” as I think most would consider that under window cleaning.

This would free up one more line and it may look even more clean:)

But if not, it’s definitely the one to choose from the two options. Nice dude!

I would like to keep it but struggled with calling it the above names. I figured most customer know it as hard water right? Even though the scientist in me wants to say calcium deposit but it’s not always just calcium…

Here’s a pic of what it looks like without it.

PROGRESS! Do you really need to stress residential AND commercial? Unless you only do one OR the other, why mention it at all? There’s one way to simplify, oh, and do you REALLY need a call to action on your business card? “Clean up your day, call or text”?

I still like this one best.

Window cleaning, Screen services, glass restoration. Sums it up cleanly.