California to Texas, relocate business or sell and start fresh?

Sorry if this has been posted before, I can’t find the search bar. So I’ve decided to relocate my family from Palm Springs, California to Texas near Dallas. My business here grosses $75,000, tops Google in organic search results, 66 five star reviews between Yelp and Google. Should I sell the business, CRM software, and website, or just sell my customer list (via CRM software) attempt to change up keywords on my website, Yelp and Google Reviews information to fit my new location? If anybody has sold a business to move out of state I would greatly appreciate any tips.

I’ve done it a few times over the years. The easiest way is to just sell your customer list. I always bought/sold on a 3 to 4 month valuation. 3 if it was good but could be improved - more regularity for commercial, or repeat for residential. 4 if it was already there and the new owner could just step in.

Have all of your books available and be able to show every time a customer was serviced for as many years as you are able.

Where are you moving to? I’m east of Dallas in Kaufman.


Considering Allen, McKinney, or Plano at the moment. I’m trying to find a balance of affordability, low crime rate, and proximity to affluent neighborhoods. What’s your take on these cities?

You’ll like any of those three. Higher income burbs for dfw, but it will likely seem reasonable compared to California. You probably wouldn’t even need to come into Dallas for work.

My mother calls that area “the land of conspicuous consumption” due to all of the stores, restaurants and large houses. I just see tons of glass and dollar signs.

When are you coming?

Planning on the beginning of next summer, although if there is a busy season like there is in my area (Fall) I’d like to try and catch that wave for an easier start. Thank you for your response, very kind of you Sir.

I moved from Los Angeles to Vegas 4 years ago . Sold my Client list , not for much . And I was able to transfer my yelp account to Vegas , that was really helpful when I moved . Started getting calls instantly Because my listing was rated high. If you’re a solo operator , yelp might let you move your account. Not sure if they still do that, double check. Selling an entire business takes more time to find a buyer . Selling your Client list you can do that quick and take all your tools and trucks with you .

Also if you move make sure you get a local number , that was my mistake for A couple of months . Would have gotten way more calls


Thank you Genaro. I fortunately have a a buyer already. He’s been a reliable Sub that has garnered me several positive reviews. The local phone number advice is solid. I’m definitely going to make arrangements to include my phone number in the sale of the business. How long was it before you gained momentum again?

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It took about 6 month to really get the ball rolling , I moved sept 2016 . Didn’t start to pick up momentum till spring 2017.

I’m sure the busy season in Texas is spring , try and move 1 month before to get your ducks in order

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Yeah typically it runs full bore starting March 15. The virus took all of the wind out of our sails. If he can focus on the several lake communities that he’ll be close to, he’ll do fine. I love that we work year round. Residential in winter is nice too. Not as much, but still ok.


I’ve been checking out those areas, saw a few country clubs that tend to attract seasonal residents and folks with disposable income. What’s the slow season out there?

It slows up in the winter months, relative to the summer months. But we never really shut down. The country clubs and lake houses are great because many of my customers will book regular cleanings around every holiday.

That’s interesting, it’s the exact opposite here. Thanks, that’s helped with my timeline.

Hope all goes well for you. We’ll meet up and I’ll get you a beer when you make it out.

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Thank you Sir!

@TexasRich I think I am coming out that way now too! :champagne: lol


@WindowGuysLV Seems like Vegas is a great place for work, why are you thinking about relocating?

it’s a joke. If he is buying drinks, aren’t we all going? lol
I love Vegas, it has been very good to me.

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@WindowGuysLV lol, sorry I’m little slow on the take.