Call to all stack ladder monkeys!

So I’m in search of a 4 ft piece for stack ladders but am having a TOUGH time finding them anymore. Any tips on where they might be hiding on the internet?

Also, looking to buy a full set of stacks. Anyone selling out there???

I don’t believe 4ft sections are made anymore. You could purchase a 6ft section and cut it down.

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This is correct. No one is selling them anymore- I checked all the warehouses for back stock last year or the year before.

You can build a half piece from a 6’ BASE section. A middle piece doesn’t have the right geometry. And even using a base section, you’ll still need to bend the rails a bit to get a good fit. Check out my build thread:

But your best bet @J_Dazz, would probably be scouring craigslist for a used set.

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That’s what I’ve been thinking as well. Nothing found locally on craigslist (and it is a pretty random thing to be selling) so I’m going to start looking in some of the bigger cities around my region.

Again, if anyone is selling a set I’d be interested

I keep thinking I will drive by a yard sale one day and find a set for $10.00. That, and a vintage Martin mahogany ukulele. So far, I’m still waiting.

I just called Babcock ladder co. in Bath, NY. They make wooden sectionals.

They don’t have any shorter middle pieces, but they do have a 3’ base section. They also make 7’ and 8’ foot top pieces. Kinda pricey, though. 3’ base is $190, middle pieces and 6’ top are $320. I didn’t ask about the 7’ or 8’ tops.

I’m selling a set
4 6ft sections
ONE 4 ft section


I actually may have already found some, but I have to ask, how much do you want for them and where are you located?

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I’m in Anaheim, CA
And someone will be picking them up tomorow :sob:

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Don’t buy a wooden set. To heavy you will regret it


But they look cool!


Think you can cut down a 6 foot base section…if I remember correctly .

Yes they would look great hanging in my garage for that rustic look.


Thanks for the heads up. Not something I would do personally (too high maintenance, making sure they’re stained/oiled or whatever), but I was always under the impression that the weight was pretty close to aluminum.

Side point: I had a customer recently who recongnized the sectional ladder design. Except he remembered (many years ago) seeing window cleaners in NYC using wooden sectionals. What a blast from the past!

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