Calling All Pro's

Brennon with New Albany Window Cleaning & Myself with Cleaview Window & Blind Cleaning would like to team up and land this contract. We met with the Vise President of this complex and he wants us to submit a proposal.
Level 1 is mostly commercial with the next 4 levels metropolitan condo’s ranging from $239,000 to $760,000 each.

Here is the situation. Fish window cleaning are caring for 2 smaller ones on the same strip, (which by the way they are using WFP as brought to my attention by Brennon) None of those have balconies. I looked at the workman ship- yea,yea… not the stuff WCR gang is made of. But their sufficiently satisfied.

Off the top of your head what would you charge for construction cleanup of this in/out? how do you compete with FISH?

After they are complete, then outside only maybe 2X a year and the homeowner has the option for inside. But landing this may very well provide some regular route work and residential customers as well as the other 2 buildings.

Thanks for checking this out, look forward to your responses.

here are some pics

A few more pics

[B]I would BLOW them away with an over-the-top proposal. [/B]

First though, ask him these questions:

“If FISH is doing the other buildings, why would they entertain a much higher bid? What about FISH is not meeting your expectations?”

If he gives you the runaround, throw something together and don’t waste too much time or get too excited.

If though, it seems like he’s sincerely interested in making a change, produce something incredibly comprehensive and compelling. A little proposal package.

Its hard to see the true shape of this building, but I’m thinking $30,000-$50,000 for the CCU.

I have heard from time to time that most Fish franchises do not do work over 3 stories. This may be the reason they are looking elsewhere for a bid for the construction clean. It is easy to do 4 stories with a WFP, but a CCU at those heights is another story, no pun intended.
This may be an angle to question the client about.

Kevin when you say CCU are your talking about windows only, right?

I come up with $27,650.00
How do I convince them of $45,000?
Or leverage myself to to get the other buildings?

Chris… Just some food for thought. We bid this massive complex last year we put in a price of about $50,000 Fish was the only other company Fish ended up getting it for around $20,000.

I know most fish companies there are employees… But this place I believe was totally owner operated 1 man show. We were gonna try to crank the job out in about a week. Im guessing he may still be there… The place was that massive.

I put together a stellar multi page proposal… Everyone from physicality maintenance wanted to go with us… But as what happens frequently they have a budget and went with the lower bidder.

Im not at all trying to discourage from bidding high… i bid as high as humanly possible.

P.S. I think its pretty awesome you guys are going to work on the project together. I wish I had some more of that going on here in my market.

I would probably price this around 45 - 55

Leverage the other buildings? Simplified billing maybe? Why deal with 2 separate contractors when 1 can handle all there needs.

If possible, and you land the contract, I would be interested in traveling there to meet some of you and help knock it out while maybe getting some hands on experience at such a beast.

Is this an “in & out” clean? I see some of those balconys look decorative more than functionable.

Yes the initial clean is in and out. Afterward the Condo association will provide exterior cleanings, the homeowner can opt for their own inside windows.

All balconies are functional, however you are right some are limited in what that function is. Meaning some are only 3-4’ out. Many are bigger, but you can step out on all of them.

In the second lot of pictures, 3rd along (creekside) -these are the balconys I am saying have no real function, and/or may not take a persons weight (not functionable). I say this because they have no entry door as such - just sash windows & the base looks a good few feet down from the window. I would definately check them out first with the architect to make sure before you go stepping on them.

Kevin when you say CCU are your talking about windows only, right?

Yes, sir. Glass only.

Should I offer a discount if they pay net 10 days? If so how much?

Do whatever you want, man. How much do you want this job?

Here’s the simple formula:

$$ you charge - equipment costs - labor costs = profit.

If you really want it, then figure out your BARE minimum hourly rate that you MUST earn for this whole thing to be worth your time, and reverse engineer the price based on the total number of hours that you estimate it will require.

If you believe that offering a ‘net 10 days special offer’ can accomplish that, then go for it.

chrisview- Can you and Brennon handle this beast? What kind of time table are they looking at for completion?

I would also not get very juiced up thinking about this job… not everything is always as it seems. I have lost too many yummy jobs to ever get excited. Excited is when the check comes.

I am very interested.

I don’t want to speak for Chris, but if he lands this job, we’ve got a 9 man crew of locals and one boom operator from WV.