Calling back

Question: I’m somewhat desperate for work at the moment. Yesterday I distributed flyers and cards at the local real estate offices, aiming for their listings. The one lady immediately asked for a bid on her own home, in and out. Big house $545. I got the bid back to her same day.

I know I handled this wrong so… Yeah. Basically she told me that the amount sounded good and she would get me booked ‘sometime’.

I’d like to call her back today, but not sure how to go about it. How do you handle getting someone you want bad but is in no rush to get booked?

Offer an incentive to book now, like a small discount.

Wouldn’t call her back. Go knock on doors do whatever you can to not have to call her
I know that doesn’t answer your question
, but if your that desperate. I would call an say you got a couple of postponements an you can fit her in. Would you like me to lock you down.
Never act desperate. Actually donwuite the opposite. Fake it till ya make it.


Yea it’s like picking up girls, do not act desperate. Give her a little space.