Calling customers for reviews and referrals

Have you called your current customers asking for reviews and referrals? If so, how did that workout?

I have not called any customers in the past to receive referrals I instead wait until I am complimented for my services on the job. If a customer is overwhelmed or simply drops a compliment while on the job I will ask if they would allow me to use what they have just said as a referral on my website. Have yet to be told no.

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A lot of companies do this. When I stopped being on every job I started a follow-up system to call a day after services were performed. Not necessarily to check up on the person who did the work, just to make sure the customer had the right experience. When they say how happy they were, we hit them with a review or referral ask. We try to do it on every job now, regardless of if I did it or not. Get your wife/girlfriend/whoever sounds nice on the phone to do it. Super professional way to ensure the right experience and you can definitely get more reviews/referrals than if you don’t ask.