Calling hours

What hours (weekdays and evenings) do you think are good for calling previous/repeat/potential clients to offer a cleaning for them? How early is too early and late too late?

Personally, I think the hours between 10am and 7pm are acceptable, though I try not to call after 6. The evening hours between 4:30 and 6 seem to be best for getting people to answer.

We usually start about 10 am. then the ones that work, we try to hit up between 5 and 7 pm. I have been thinking even Saturday late moring might be ok, but we haven’t decided. What do you all think of Saturdays?

Does anybody call after 7pm? What have been the results?


We do 9 - 5 in our office now M - F

But in a prior life I worked as a telemarketer selling vacation packages. We called between 4- 830 PM – Sunday --> Thursday.

It seemed to be pretty effective, but I dont think I would want to do that now.