Camera on a stick: How to inspect a 32' gutter job without leaving the ground

I had gone to a customer’s house today to quote a gutter job. My ladders couldn’t even approach the gutter line, but I still wanted to let him know if there was any need to have the job done in the first place.

So instead of just walking away and losing the business, I decided to improvise a video to let him know if he needed another company to come out to clean his gutters.

In short, no, his gutters were not in need of a cleaning (in his opinion). He was so impressed with my honesty (and that I saved him from an unneeded expense) that he had me stay to clean his windows. From that, I even landed a job with the neighbors!

Here’s a vid that explains it all and shows the camera on a stick.
[video=youtube_share;eY4gHh55qvg]- YouTube

I did that once but I duck taped my iPhone on my pole instead. Your trick is much better. Thanks for sharing.

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Pretty cool, that gutter job would actually be doable from the roof with an extension wand and a gutter ball. Good vid though like how you attached the camera

Creative solution! That beats hauling around a 32’ ladder! :slight_smile:

There is an old thread about this somewhere

A GPS holder for your phone may work too…

After meeting Garrett in person on the drive home, we gave him the name " Gadget boy". Living up to your name bud.

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i built a custom mount for a flip camera we use

<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Very cool. Great idea!

If you’re the only guy in your area doing it, then you also have a new [valuable] marketing angle to use!

Oh - and if you really want to get fancy, you can also [B]stream live video[/B] during the gutter inspection, so that the client can watch from their office computer at work.

But now you’re getting into Swiss & Sennhauser territory :slight_smile:

That would be smoooooothe Kevin.

I did all the editing for that on my phone with splicing, music, and titles using iMovie then uploaded it to youtube. That way they can have the link to the vid within 10 minutes.

It’s just how I roll, Justin :slight_smile:

Thats smooth. but i have one question. did you just walk under that ladder. Jusy Kidding. i like your idea.

Very cool. I don’t have an I phone, but I wounder if a small video camera would work?

Great idea … I bought a wireless camera with DVR on ebay which came with a wireless camera ($120). Semi wireless more like the camera needed to be plugged into a power source. Further research I picked up a wireless bullet camera that was rechargeable. I have a vac system still being refined that I attach the dvr to and away you go can see whats happening as you work. I made a video when I was testing it - ignore the time stamp + factor in it was my first time trying it. Its handy for showing home owners whats up there


I’ll take two.

This guy charges for the inspection, then if the work goes ahead he takes the inspection fee off the job price:
Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Cumbrian Business is in the Gutter