Can I buy a good employee on line?

So I had to let go an employee today. For the last 3 weeks he has been late at least 3 days out of the week. Last week he put steel wool on plexy glass and I had to replace it. Yesterday we were doing a new construction house and I had to tell him time and time again to not let his strip washer and squeegee drip on the floor. I was gone to check on another job and get a phone call from the builder. He said that I needed to get back that we had a problem! When I get there the builder shows me drip marks on the interior spiral staircase that was getting stained which caused water marks on the wood. Today we were doing Interior of Zir Med which is an 11 story office building .He was walking backwards with his ladder when he was moving to the next window. I told him that it was faster and safer to walk forward facing the ladder. About 1 hour later he walked backwards and he spills his bucket on the carpet (3 gallons of water). FIRED!! I bet everyone that is reading this has the same question. Why did I wait so long to fire him? Well my question to you is. How in the hell do you find people that you can trust and that has an I care attitude, No crazy criminal background, not a pill popper coke heads. I’m having a really hard time with this can someone shine some light on what I’m doing wrong here. By the way the guy we was just talking about was my cousin. NEVER AGAIN !!! Thanks for listening

I am here to tell you, that it doesn’t get any better. I had to let my main guy go today. He’d been slowing way down, not getting all his work done, and skimming some glass. I’ve had him for a while now, but yesterday was his last with my company. I asked him to come in early Tuesday and he absolutely refused. So bye, bye, sucka.

Recently I put him on a total commission basis because I was tired of him milking the clock. He really wasn’t wasting time in the sense of goofing off, but he wasn’t hustling. I asked him to get it in gear and his comment was that he was old. He’s 38 for cryin’ out loud! I have another guy that subs for me that is 49 and he can work circles around my slow guy. Age isn’t a factor. It’s the “I don’t give a crap” attitude that got him fired.

Luckily, I just hired a new guy Monday, so one gone, one replaced. I’ll get him trained this month and he’ll be good…I hope.

Good luck. I wish I had more than war stories to share with you.

True that!!! It’s very hard to find good people. I will normally interview 25-35 people for 1 job. I will narrow it down to one or two guys, hire them both and tell them that there is 1 position to fill. normally takes less than a week before someone gives up. sad to say when I look at new hires I think to my self how disposable are they? Will they last a season? If you interview enough people hopefully you find at least one that is decent. I think decent is the key word. I am facing the fact that there are ones who go and get what they want and other go out to just get by. Some work for their dreams and work hard like most of us here and then you get to the ones that are “Just out to get by in life” come in to apply for jobs. i have started to look at things in an odd way. job/career. owners make Window cleaning a career, other that work for you, its just a job to them. treat it as such and firing and hiring is a lot easier. if any of that makes sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that most of the people that will apply to clean windows are not expecting to be a CEO of Microsoft someday. Most of the others that apply probably have had a hard time holding down fast food jobs. I have found that the best person to hire is the one who only needs a job for a few years until they get into what they really want to do. keeps them motivated. just my 2 cents.

My thought was, “Why did you hire him?”

Prior to undertaking the hiring process for a replacement, make sure you understand that question (of yourself.)

Aren’t you glad you don’t?!:smiley:

As far as employees go, I break them down into a few categories:

  1. The Crap - felonious criminals, druggies, alcoholics, lazy, ignorant, and utterly useless. They won’t work until they absolutely have to, and even then, it is probably easier to steal the neighbors crap and pawn it off. Garbage.

  2. For the Check - these types will work any job, anywhere, for any pay. They do this because they need a job and money, but for no other real reason. I believe these types of people lead a very aimless life, wandering the face of the earth…just to exist. They serve no purpose, usually don’t plan ahead, and yet are content in doing so. And when payday comes - they are outta sight.

  3. The Dream - this type of worker is the goldmine. Relatively educated in one sense or another. HAS SOMETHING TO WORK FOR - family, children, themselves, rents or own a home. They get up every morning (sometimes late) and do what they have to do. All while slurping coffee, battling rush hour, and screaming kids - for YOU. They feel a sense of loyalty and dedication to YOU and YOUR company. They plan ahead, work overtime, but are usually considered “YES” men, in one way or another. Their job in their eyes is to please the ones they answer to - being YOU. They usually do not have the gumption to start their own business, but they take in pride in the role in YOUR company, and THEIR title. Take care of these types of employees.

  4. Competition - These are the self made types. They are outspoken, they tend to question you or your company. They will hold you accountable like you hold them accountable. They are open minded, dedicated (only for so long), hardworking, aim to please. They go the extra mile, and implement new strategies and systems. They usually do more than you know about - they probably work “otuside of their title”. You won’t hear them say “that’s not my job”. They work well together or independently - they stand out. Treat these employees very well, extremely well, or they will sense your lack of gratitude, and become your competition. Taking with them all of your company info - customers, forms, pricing, systems, even sometimes equipment! These are people who are truly entrepreneurial in spirit, but are scared to take the dive - so don’t give them a reason to.

I know there are other breakdowns within each category, but you can reall sum up all employees into these categories.

Well put!!!

[B]Chris:[/B] I’d like to request a [B]Gumption[/B] subforum, please.

BTW, a well-known WC’ing veteran states that this category does not exist (I [I]strongly[/I] disagree with him.)

I’ll take one #2 please, no pickles :smiley:

Just a thought…

I had a fireman work for me a few years back. If you can work around their schedule and get them to sign some type of non compete, covenant or whatever. I know, I know, none of these are written in stone, but maybe get them to sign for no other reason than to possibly deter them from being your competition. I think you might solve your problem.

Alot of the ones I’ve dealt with, are in shape, clean cut, know what a team mentality is, dont mind hard work, and are most always looking for a side job since their main one doesn’t pay that well.

The last one that worked for me starting getting heavy into the EMT and other training, so he no longer had the time, but for the year or so he was with me, my customers always remarked about the job he did.

Just a thought.


Do you have a college near you? My best people have always come from the college. Get with the football or basketball (or whatever) coach and let him know that you need people that can work a few days a week and in the summer.

Also, recruit, recruit, recruit! I am always looking for people. When I go into a store or restaurant or another business, I look for the hustlers, and the ones who are smiling. I approach them and give them a card and say “if you ever get tired of this, give me a call.” They will usually call just to learn more about what I am offering.

My last bit of advice is only give a guy two weeks before you let him go. We get complacent because we feel we really need this person but as you found out, sometimes it’s better not to have them.

great advice…

Finding good employees is my biggest complaint…and its the same in every business, not just ours. I get soooo frustrated some times…I had a fireman who worked for me who was afraid of heights, I had one employee steal from me, relocate and then USED ME AS A REFERENCE…I couldnt wait to call that employer. I had another guy try to get my customers to switch to him to do their windows…as he was working for me…I had one guy use a “death in the family” so many times he eventually ran out of relatives…cloning seems to be the only reasonable option…I do have a twin sister…:rolleyes:hmmmm