Can someone type up a good Job Description for a window cleaner?

Trying to get my new hire packet together and want it to look professional. Can someone whip up a job description real quick for me? Want it to include: safety, getting on ladders, certain amount of new contracts every month. proof that he looked for new contracts. Wears uniform ect.

Thanks in advance.


Why can’t you do it?

Why can’t you do it? Nobody here knows what you expect from your employees better than you would, right?

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Tried to. Didn’t sound right. Wanted to see if anyone one had one typed up already.

Ok wrote one up. Let me know what I need to add or subtract. Also should I have them sign it? Thanks guys.

Window Cleaning Technician

Job Requirements
Education – High School Graduate or GED

No experience required.

Knowledge of procedures, techniques,to and equipment, quality control, cost control, and safety. Proficient at the following task:

Interpersonal and Communications Skills
Able to understand verbal and written instructions. Adept at establishing relationships with all customers involved, and permit prompt resolution of problems and conflicts as they occur.

Organizational Skills
Able to organize assigned tasks, for completion alone or with help. Able to complete and fulfill paperwork required for jobs completed in a timely manner. Including: estimates, receipts, and invoices.

Problem Solving
Able to envision all steps in assigned tasks.

Working Conditions

Outdoor and indoor working environments subject to bending, crouching and kneeling in sometimes dark/dusty confined spaces such as attics. Pushing, carrying, and pulling equipment and tools, reaching in all directions; long periods of standing/wailing; using ladders, scaffolding and lifts to work at elevations of up to forty (40) feet. 95% of time is spent working at job sites. Driving is required. Valid driver’s license is required.


Job requires ability to perform tasks on all areas and aspects of window cleaning job. Requires ability to climb ladders for heights of up to 60 feet, and crawl for distances of 50 feet. Job requires ability to work with tools. Ability to lift and manipulate objects of up to 100 lbs for 50 feet is required. Properly use, maintain, care for tools, equipment, vehicle(s), and work areas. Perform all task in a safe manner.


Most wear uniform: Khaki pants, Company Shirt or Sweater. Appropriate shoes. Black or Brown.

This is not a job description this is a job requirements. A job description is a one page documentation of what the person can expect to being doing while employed for you. It should be short (about 10-12 lines) and detailed. If your wanting requirements yours looks fine.

Detailed do you mean: Show up. Clean windows. Write receipt. Collect money. Move on to next job? I google job description and for a couple like the one I wrote. I just worded it for a window cleaner. I don’t know?

So modify yours a little more. Remember this person is hired so being neat maybe a company policy but it usually isnt in the job description. I will see if I can find an old one we used for you.



Found one for you. It’s pretty good. It is from a Window Cleaning websit ein Va. Good Luck. I hope this is what you wanted.

Ha…I finally beat Larry to something on the net. (he probably wasn’t looking though)

I’ll write one up for you. $100 cash up front. One edition only, no editing, no complaining :slight_smile:

I’ve been too busy buying up all the Tanqueray No. TEN I can find.

Awesome man Thanks a lot. Should I have him sign it saying he understands it?


Have them sign everything possible

I have an Employee Manual. I have them sign that they have received it, and I have them sign the manual itself. That way when I ask him to bring it into the office, I can use some guilt tactics about them knowing what their job is and what they have forgotten.

But to answer your question, Yes, have him sign it after reading it back to you.

I had the chart :

and the corresponding contracts:

in the business downloads area, however all employees are subject to the “terms and conditions”:

This is how we do it at 5 Star… Maybe it helps a little. I totally suggest you writing your own, so that it completely reflects what you want your business to be.

Hey man that’s awesome. I appreciate it. Man hiring someone is a lot of work. Making sure you have everything upfront so you don’t run into any problems down the road. This helps out a bunch.

Yeah… it’s an investment in many ways, but making sure you have payroll setup properly, worker’s comp, FICA, unemployment, etc is just as important if you want to be a legit business.

Don’t forget to let your insurance company know after you have hired someone, either.

Make sure you have your interview questions written properly, get everything you need for a background check at the interview (my fav site: and just plan ahead. It’s a bunch of small stuff, but you will not regret it when you have a guy earning you $25/hour… or more… (Kevin might have more to say about that :slight_smile: )

This is FISH"S job description for a window cleaner:

looking for courteous, self- motivated and friendly individuals that pay attention to detail. We clean glass at commercial and residential locations; including retail locations, office buildings, and malls from 1 to 3 stories. Some ladder work, travel between jobs, and minimal paperwork are required. You need reliable transportation, proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license to be considered for employment.