Can you drink DI water?

Yea, I read somewhere, sometime ago that below 1500 TDS is considered “fresh” water and anything above that is “brackish” or “saline” water. Or as most of us would know it, salt water.

Funny how many new things you learn when you get involved in something. Before I had my RO/DI I had no idea that there are 2 types of bottled water.

  1. Spring water (Natural from a natural water source IE Spring water)
  2. Bottled/filtered water (Water that comes from a source like tap water and then is filtered just like RO water)

The only bottled water I have seen personnaly is Aquafina although I know about 25% of the “bottled water” is just like this company. They pull water from the tap and then filter it. Unlike a company such as Poland Spring whom actually take water from some mountain spring. I find myself on job sites checking the tds of bottled water to see if any are zero. My foodtown spring water is 2 tds and the aquafina from the bottle is 0. But the aquafina is much more exspensive then the foodtown water and I’m not paying $1 more per gallon for 2 tds points lol.

What if you add Trace Minerals to your DI water? Ive added this to my RO water for a while and it only takes a drop or two per serving. Would this make DI water safe?

In todays world I would not add anything to any water that I intended to drink other then kool aid. I’m not a water tech and don’t know enough about the chemicals the water company adds to my tap water to have confidence that I would do it correctly. You can buy whole house systems at the large chain stores for about $100 bucks. I would rather spend that money, toss the filter on the home and drink that. I’m one of these guys who does not believe in reinventing the wheel. I’m not looking to add chemicals or walk to the mountains to get water. It get’s pumped into my home and any crap that is in the water can be cleaned out for $100. I figure for the $100 it’s not worth my time risking getting sick from bad water or water i screwed up.