Can you drink DI water?

The question was asked on the AUWC forum and I thought everyone should know. This question has been asked, and debated for along time with water experts, doctors, and scientists for years. What I have put together from all the things I have read is DI as well as distilled water is a real good solvent, especially for salts, so if it free of any dissolved salts, it will dissolve anything it comes into contact with. Consequently,when you put distilled/DI water in your mouth, it will start to dissolve the minerals in your teeth and I an sure your dentist will not recommend this. If you put a little bit of this water on your tongue, you may feel the salts being dissolved from it-it tingles! I have found deionized water is not safe to drink. Due to the purity of the water and the lack of minerals.When ingested, a condition called “osmotic shock” may occur. This condition occurs as a result of DI water removing minerals and other elements from the cells in the body more rapidly than the walls can stand. The result is ruptured cells and internal bleeding. Though the cases are few and far between, there have been documented cases. At the very least DI water (depending on the size of the individual, drinking over a certain volume of DI water) causes diarrhea and stomach cramping. By LAW in all 50 states, deionized water is to be labeled- DO NOT DRINK- you can take what you want from this, but why take any chances.

I like my water with English malts and Golding and Magnum hops.

That’s the only way!!

Here’s a link with some interesting dialogue on drinking pure water. Some interesting perspectives to look at. Perhaps you read it already.

I have read it. all good info there.

The resin we use is not food grade, so don’t bother.
I have been an astute abjector to drinking DI/RO water on other forums. One guy became really ill from drinking it.
It’s OK in small doses - I even use it for the coffee machine - it gives the coffee a fuller flavour, but even then it’s boiled first.
Just say NO.

Think of it this way. the resign takes minerals out of the water. a DI tank does not filter the ALL the resign out. So when you ingest it, it can start to pull the minerals out of your body and dehydrate you really bad if you drink enough of it. Not really worth the risk to me.

I’ve been drinking R/O water from our Kinetico home system for years with no noticeable effects. Is there a difference?

Yes there is a big difference. There is no problem drinking R/O water. I have one in my house, and I give it to all my young kids.

Minerals are needed from the water. Objectors say we get that from our food. I disagree - the food today is not what it was. Don’t believe for one minute the FDA give a hoot about your health.
In Scotland it was often thought that the Scottish had a bad life lifestyle. Since then it has been revealed that their early demise could be put down to the soft water. Here in the Mediterranean it is suggested the food & eating habits could be the reason for longevity. I’ve never seen any reason to suggest that - however we have one of the hardest & most mineral-full water supplies on the planet.
You can also be halmed by drinking to much mineral water - I think its called calcification.
I also think moderation is the key.

The purified water we get to drink from Culligan tests at 065tds. My DI is 000tds. The principle of equilibrium comes into play. Nature abhors a vaccuum! If the water you drink has no minerals then it will draw them from your body. It seems to be a no brainer.

I remember when I was reading about ro/di for my purchase. I don’t know where I read it as it was a while ago. But NASA did a test. All the Astronauts got diarea from drinking the ro/di water. If I remember correctly their bodies were not used to getting such pure water. No minierals at all due to both systems being in place, it’s almost like drinking useless water. My water dries my skin out really bad. After a day with my machine my hands look like I died. Once I read that, and then saw my hands I figured I would not want that stuff in my body. I thought about using it for some household water but figured with nothing in it what’s the use. My water in my home is 85 tds, I figure that’s low enough to drink and I do. It drives the wife nuts. She keeps yelling. “You don’t know what’s in that water. It can kill you.” I just laugh.

I read somewhere that water w/ a reading over 550tds isn’t considered potable. So 085 should be a dream.

Our gravy’s fine :smiley:


Bottled water is different. Most of the bad is filter out and then added to. In most bottled water you will find Potassium bicabonate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium citrate, sodium cloride, and magnesium oxide has been added back to it after the filtration process.

The water that Coke put out in the UK & parts of Europe actually got banned - that was RO water with minerals re-added.

I measured the tap water before I started my last WFP job. The reading was 19, the lowest yet! Of course, after the DI tank it was 0.

Max TDS is around 1500