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Sharing the Pain

Forrest Stockman only wanted to be one thing when he grew up, a window washer. The excitement of being high in the sky was not a new thing to him. His father was a window washer and so was Stockman’s brother, in fact it’s how Stockman lost his brother. Stockman was 18-years-old when his brother fell from the sky in a work accident when the equipment broke. Now, at 41-years-old Stockman suffered his own fall. On January 18, 2008 Stockman was on his third window about 60 feet in the air in downtown Glendale when his equipment failed and he fell from the sky, breaking several bones. “I broke 7 bones in my back, all of my ribs and both of my shoulders,” Stockman says, “my right leg is almost paralyzed, I just don’t have control of my bowels.” Details difficult to share, but he says even worse is that he worries he won’t be able to provide for his 15-year -old son who he supports and raises alone. Stockman has no income. At the time of the accident Stockman was a contracted employee so workers compensation has denied him benefits and he’s left to find how he’ll manage to support his family. If you’d like to help Forrest Stockman, you can donate at any Wells Fargo Bank or if you’d like to help in any other way, you can contact a family friend at: [email protected].

Can anyone offer this guy a desk job or something similar? Thanks for looking.

Man… how horrible and sad is that. Thats unbelievable.

Who owned the equipment he was working from when it broke and he fell? They will be responsible.

If anyone in his area could possibly give him a job chasing leads/telesales/training or anything similar? Window cleaning may have taken it from him - but could be his only lead back again. Maybe just buzz him an email & see what sort of work he’s looking for or capable of?
On the wfp academy forum in the UK, the moderators managed to raise money for a guy who had been pushed out of work & did auctions etc of gear not wanted. He managed to start a new route & is now expanding in to wfp training. Sometimes a guy just needs encouragement to get back up again - it doesn’t take a lot, sometimes a small “break” is all that is needed.

I made a little web page for this guy: HERE

Those news sites usually dont keep those stories up for to long in order to save server space… But it can stay here forever… Feel free to post it around.

If you want the Wells Fargo account number for Forrest just PM me or email the family friend. Now I just need to find a Wells Fargo

Maybe we could all participate in a nationwide benefit of sorts. Maybe one of the marketing gurus could make up a flyer/postcard/ad, and a press release and we could each offer to donate x amount/percent of the jobs that respond to those ads to help fallen window cleaners, with this being the first. We could all benefit by supporting each other for a cause like this. And If it was a national effort (window companys from the U.S., heck…an INTERnational effort if Texas, Canada and UK participate) we could possibly get some national/international coverage and really make a big difference. It could have been anyone of us.

I’d do it.

Any chance of sticking a pay-pal site on there? That’s the only way you’ll get international donations. The dollar- pound rate will boost any fund.
Has anyone contacted the email of the family friend? Might be good if he can get on this forum to see what type of help he could use other than financial?
The more info provided, the more we have an insight into work progress if he’s even capable. It could even go further if the AUWC/MWCoA/IWCA were made known of his plight.
Great stuff Chris!

His name is Peter. I only emailed him for the account number. I’ll email him a link to this forum. It might be really encouraging.

Here is his info and the account number for any donations:

[SIZE=“2”]Thank you! You can make a deposit at Wells Fargo bank. An account is set up for Forrest. The account number is #7452625036. Have a great day!
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