Canada Cleaning Suppllies

Hey just a question for the guys in the GTA. Im going to Vaughan Mills on thursday Aug 28th. and staying overnight, I’m hoping to go to Canada Cleaning Supplies while im there, are they open to the public? I’m be staying not too far from where they are located.

Yes, they sell from their warehouse. I don’t know if they sell to the general public, but they do sell to window cleaners for sure.

Yeah, just give them a company name and you’re set. They accept cash/credit card/debit.

Too bad I’ll be away for a few days otherwise I’d meet you there. :frowning:

Maybe another time Mark. I was gonna give your cell a call on Thursday or Friday morning, but if your not going to be around, i guess it will have to wait until you head up to North Bay lol! not sure how much time i will have anyhow, since my “boss” has some important shopping to do.

To be honest, they’ll sell to anyone with money. Not too picky.

With businesses, they’ll create an account for you if you’d like to carry a tab.

No tab necessary here, i prefer to just buy and settle right away. Making my wish list right now to what i need and want to pick up lol

Joe isn’t set up to have people browse in his new location. If you send him an email in advance, he will have it ready for you to pick up. He likely would let you look in the inner sanctum if asked, though.

Rileys>> there is a new location? Is it not on Chesswood anymore? Ive never been there but that was the only address i could find for them.

Chesswood is the new location.

Sorry. That’s the ‘new’ address I have known for them. For me, its their 3rd.
My dad used to buy from Joe’s dad on Vaughan road.

Your family has been in window cleaning a long time eh?

His family knows a lot ‘aboot’ window cleaning.


good one eh?

Someone obviously put on their thinking took, eh?!

Ignoring the really bad humour, yes, my family has been doing this since my dad bought another fellow’s business in 1956.
I’ve been running this thing since '91. We have one client that we have been serving for 40 years.
And Tony- ‘took’ is spelled ‘touque’. If you’re going to play in the Canadian area, get the spelling right. :slight_smile:

Man that was some of my best stuff.:frowning:
Next time I’ll have to get out my Canadian/English dictionary. :wink:

I just about lost it when I saw the reason for the edit Mr. Riley!
Snarky indeed!:smiley:


You may be John but you’ll always be Mr. Riley to me.:smiley:

That’s not all bad, I suppose…
Hey, back to the topic. Crazy Cleaner (I have no idea what you name is- why can’t we use real names…), Have you made the trip yet?