Canadian Bicycle Powered Window Cleaners

I know this is very niche, but I was listening to a Canadian finance podcast about a guy who uses a bicycle to deliver for Uber eats and he can deduct $23 per 8 hours cycled for “fuel” in the form of food. I know theres a few cycling based businesses out there, might be something to look into.


i think you would have difficulty eating $23 worth of food per hour and normally you have to have receipts and mileage logs for fuel. where is this article?

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$23/8 hours. Not per hour

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl did you know about this?


where’s my glasses? :crazy_face:

Gonna be looking into this for sure. I do a lot of handlebar time!

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Please think back and let us know the reference! :hushed:

Both my wife and I use our bikes for 4 businesses total.


Sorry I initially wrote it wrong, it’s $23/8 hours. I heard it on a podcast called Explore FI Canada, low income path to FI. But if you search, it doesn’t seem hard to find. Says rickshaws and delivery but I would dig into it if you use your bike for Windows.


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