Canadian In Cottage Country Starting a Window Business

Hi All,

My names Jesse. I’m excited to finally be coming into the spring season here in Ontario, Canada.

I just wanted to thank this community for giving out such great free information! I’ve started up my own business after a fair amount reading and preparation. I’ve purchased my first WFP system and am glad it did so early on!

I have a fulltime job outside of this, but I hope to use the profits I make to purchase my first house in the years to come. And also take in as much as I can as a learning experience to continually get better at window cleaning and running a business!


We took a ride through a lot of rural Ontario close to the border 3 years ago. Beautiful country out there.

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Congrats! I’ve been cleaning in Southern Ontario for a year, my family and I are looking at potentially moving back to my home town North Bay. Maybe we cross paths.

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Welcome to the biz fellow Canadian! Downtown Montréal here.

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Definitely am lucky to live here!

I’ve lived in muskoka my whole life. Love it here, not sure I’ll ever move away lol!

Also would it be possible for you to PM me?

I’ve been wanting to ask a Canadian WW about pricing. If you have the time of course!

welcome from winnipeg

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