Canadian Mail Box Situation

Today I went to collect payment for some work I did last week. The customer left the cheque for me in the mail box. As I’m going up the drive I see the mailman dropping off mail and he hands me the cheque and says “I guess this is for you.”

So I ask him, “what’s the deal with fliers in mail boxes?” He looks all confused. I say “I heard that I’m not supposed put fliers in there and I could get into trouble.” he tells me that he’s never heard of that and he’s been on the job 15 years. Hmmmm

Must just be a US thing with the mail boxes. Anyone else ever ask a postal worker about fliers?

the times i have put a flier in the mailbox i never got into any trouble. I do though usually put he flier in the door instead because many citizens have mail boxes that are at the post office or in boxes for the whole street in one area, so they never check the decorative box at their house. Interesting though.

it’s legal in Canada, illegal in the U.S