Canadian WC Convention

Have you guys ever had a WC convention? Maybe in Toronto area?

Chris, I have never heard of one. There was a janitorial type show i went to in Toronto a few times, called Can-clean i believe, and it did feature window cleaning competitions, but otherwise it wasn’t strictly window cleaning.

Yeah, we all meet over at Canadian Cleaning supplies, drink coffee and swap stories. LOL:D

We should get together for lunch, actually. That’s not a bad idea. Or coffee.

Us GTA folk, anyway. I guess there’s only 4 or 5 of us.

Ya for me to drive 4 hrs for a coffee it better be a good one lol I’d love to meet the rest of you guys, although form the chats we’ve had, it almost is like we hang out already!

The IWCA held a Safety & Training Seminar in Mississauga, ON August 24, 2007.

I believe some of the Canadian folks met at that time.

I also read on World that Gord Perrott, Gords Window Cleaning Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, was attempting to organize some sort of IWCA (International) Canadian (sub) Committee around that time.

I heard that regional in Canada went well. Unfortunately Gord had to resign from his IWCA director’s position due to personal reasons.

Truly a shame Gord is a GREAT guy!

Not a bad idea Kevin. I really appreciate all the helpful advice you have given me over the short time this resource has been around, both by pm and on this forum.

Of course, Beautiful view, I met for coffee, he’s has some good marketing ideas and some interesting directions he’s taken his business. I’m inspired by Crazy Cleaner success in a small market, and Contrast has really grown his business exponentially in just a year or so.

A meeting would really get those marketing and business juices going.

All - btw, IWCA has meetings in Toronto at Canada Cleaning Supplies from time to time, though I never attended. CanClean comes once a year but I never went. It would be cool if IWCA had a full blown convention in Canada.


We’re still getting over that whole SARS thing, okay?

that was much ado about nothing. Mostly a media caused panic. It certainly devestated the tourism industry in Toronto for a few years. But let’s face it, were one of the biggest convention capitals in North America, many amercian organizations have their major conventions in Toronto. So the IWCA would be a natural fit.

Your plea might go farther on World or directly to the IWCA Convention Committee than here.

BTW, I was joking.

This would be a good idea! Long lunch to get to know each other, and maybe help out each other as well.
ps, new here, In Oshawa

Maybe after we shovel ourselves out of this snow. :frowning: Just read this morning, Toronto’s snowfall record from 1939 could be broken this year.

yeah you guys in the GTA have really been pounded compared to your usual amount of snowfall. Id say the snow you got this year is probably less than im used to up here in a regular winter, but in a city like Toronto that normally doesn’t get much, it causes caos. some streets ive seen on TV are quite cramped and narrow.

This winter we had our fair share of snowfall compared to last year, but this winter ive found it go from bitterly cold in the -30C to above 0 in the matter of a few days, then yo-yo back and forth again over a whole month.
I prefer either a warm winter or a cold one, i do not like the bouncing back and forth so much. Spring is near guys, so don’t fret, we’ll make it im sure!

I remember how cold Toronto was. The actual wind chill sent the temps down by an extra 10 degrees -eh.

Toronto can feel quite damp and cold in the winter, especially on windy days. However it is actually a more mild area of Canada, for a real bone chilling experience go up and see North Bay where Eric (Crazy Cleaner) lives. That’s a real winter.

Of course, you’d forget how cold Toronto can get when you’re here in the summer with 30+ celsius with killer humidity.

i lived in Timmins for 8 yrs when i was a kid, that was some serious chill up there, in fact GM does their cold weather testing up that way!

Would explain why most GM executives brains are frozen!

I live in Oshawa, GM Central, I AGREE 100% AND ADD IN ALL THE REGULAR WORKERS AS WELL… :eek: