Cant find info that i need and want on water fed poles please help!

Ok so I am new to the business and have done 5 buildings already and 2 buildings that I need to do I am unable to do because of the height, 3rd and 4th story windows…

So i am on here looking to buy water fed poles and dont see any perticular information that I am looking for. Like do i need to be hooked up to a water source, because some locations there are no spickets or water available, Also I want to set this business up so I can higher younger guys in the future and they can use there own cars instead of buying vans and having to pay insurance etc etc etc so was wondering about a portable handy type of system that can be refilled every 20 windows or so if need be.

i cant find anything like this and putting a 30 to 50 gallon water tank in the back of a hyundia accent or toyota scion tc wont go over so well…

Also to you experienced water pole guys how many gallons do you go threw cleaning say 20 windows ? to 40 windows?

Please include links to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help

Also i was reading this post

And all the terms and abrivasions are confusing me… I have no idea about stages and what some of theses terms mean etc , So coming here for information is hard when people are using short lingo terms when a outsider is looking in it makes there head spin…

I would like to suggest you contact John Lee. Chris and Alex send many people his way and he is about as knowledgable as anyone in the business when it comes to pure water. From the floor up. He can help you with all aspects of every stage of the system whether its filters or tanks or poles etc. Give him a call and explain your situation to him. He can walk you through the process. He helped me build my system and it has revolutionized my business. His number is 865 310 0728. Just tell him that Matthew with Professional Window cleaning referred him. Have a great go at it friend…Matthew


Give us a call today we can answer all your questions. 1-862-266-0677 ask for Alex or John

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I was so busy today running around un freezing pipes and uncloging oil lines and getting people warm… So i did not have time today to call you guys… So I will do Tm… Thoughts…

I was thinking of buying the reach it pro, some whack angle adapters and was thinking of getting a portable 14 gallon marine gas tank at west marine or cabelas Cabela’s: Moeller&reg DuraMAX Portable Fuel Tank and fill it up as i need it. I was going to attatch a pump to it with alagator connectors and bring a fully charged deep cycle battery with me on the days I need to use the pole…

Easy and lite to store in the car or truck and can fill it with tap water quibkly, Then I was thinking of hooking the tank to the filter sytem and was looking at the Unger 2 stage setup, and from the outlet of the filters to the pole…

Will this work???

Also is the $700 dollar plus unger setup a RO / DI filtration setup? And where are and how much are the recharge cartrages??

The pump I was thinking of using is a marine fresh water wash down pump SHURFLO Aqua King Automatic Pressure Water Pumps at West Marine

Also i was thinking of this… I can buy a 100 to 200 dollar RO/DI filter sytem for the house… Fill up 3 of my 5 gallon window tinting canisters

The way these preasure sprayers work is you fill with water ever solution you want to spray, Then you go to the gas station and put up to 120 PSI ait preasure in the tank I usaully run at 100 PSI and it will give me enough spray fluid to wash or tint 150 large windows… thats allot of water because with window tinting you first wash the window, then you spray the window again and the tint film and then spray the tint again for slip to squeegee down… So I think 3 of these would be enough to do allot of windows… So the question is why can i not just use this canister and hook direct to the water fed pole with a trigger at the end of the pole to start and stop the water as pictured???

5 Gallon SS Pressurized Sprayer Refurbished

So these are some ideas I have kicking around…

You do HVAC now too?

I told you I have a HVAC-R company , window tinting company and Now window cleaning company as well as various other little business,s… I am in it to win it my friend…

But do you have any info on the unger 2 filter $700.00 and some odd dollar filter system???

This one

I was wondering if it is DI ONLY or if it is RO/DI and if so where are the filters located???

Also I was wondering what your thoughts were on the above info as far as a tank the pump and then the filters going to the pole… Is that enough preasure???

Hey tint dr. I talked to John Lee today and he sounded willing to talk to you. When Chris mentioned asking for John or Alex this is the John he is speaking of. He is a real pro in this area you are exploring and he can walk you through step by step. His number is 865 310 0728. Hope you have some good success here with your endeavor…Matthew

Tintdr I can help you build a system. You will need to get the Reach It and Wash It system. Both are in the store. Then get the pump box, hose reel and Unger Nlite hose 82 ft 2 sections. Buy a tank from farm store that fits your vehicle,50- 100 gallon sizes. Deep cycle battery. I will help you connect everything. Call me today

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Here is the pump box setup and tank with hose reel.

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Here is the Wash- It Pro to fill the tank at home or on the job.

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ok 2 for 2 I tried calling both of you guys and left messages on your voicemail so when you guys get around to it call me back, Thanks

Most of the crew is in New Orleans for the networking convention… I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon.