Cant scrape

what would you use to most thoroughly clean filmed windows you cant scrape? Ive heard good thins about titan green.:rolleyes:

What type of dirt/debris are you trying to clean?

Most film scratches easily with any level of aggressive cleaning.

Steal Wool.


Are you saying that 0000 steel wool won’t scratch film?

not discrediting you, but using0000 on film seems a little risky to me.:eek:

I haven’t had any problems as of yet…

dunno… works for me…

Titan Green is a great degreaser, but it will leave a film/residue.

What are you trying to remove?

mover, It gets off silicone and sticker glue and water staining but will not do anything about spray paint, Dont use in the sun though and wash window a few times after as it leaves a residue, Have also tried, goop off, oilflo,wd40, regular windex without ammonia, all with varying degrees of success, but still cant get off over spray

On filmed windows?

I have, in the past, had to leave small paint spatter, and somewhat embedded debris, the things typical of any post construction job, because of films. my clients usually didn’t receive this news too well, but I usually got paid.:cool: would you perhaps suggest cleaning with titan green, then a final wash with reg. soap?

I believe so larry although maybe there is a disparity between what I know as filmed glass and what it actually is, I googled filmed glass and it comes up with mostly hurricane proof glass or shatter proof glass which is not I believe what I usually deal with, Most of the glass we deal with has a film on the inside surface which may be for UV protection like a low-e coating

My guys have wrecked windows where an after market film was installed on the glass. I wouldnt recommend it. When I come across this type of situation, I will usually (99.9%) walk from the job. First, i will tell the homeowner that we cant use anything aggressive on film tint. What you see after i do a straight clean is pretty much what you are getting. If you are ok with that, I will finish. Basically what you have Bill is a restoration job. If you do your best and try to get them clean and some damage happens as the result-guess what? Their your babies now. if it was me, I’d walk.


I never did clarify…

Window Tint… yes… steal wool #0000.

I use it wet and have not scratched one bit of film… yet.

I also use extreme care a precision.

Tad off topic but: This may a perfect area to add tinting to ones service.

I can imagine the hear ache when one does some remodel gig…only to find now his windows have construction debris that cannot be removed as a result of previously tinted windows and lack of protection.

Hm…you say you see this often?

Huge money in tinting in many areas.

We have a guy that we refer for tint installation. He is the best tint guy ive ever seen. has scaffolding and all the tools to do things right. Hes clean cut and is great to customers that I refer him to. We have got a ton of referrals from him as well, It is good to get in with businesses that can see the need to refer you. Just talked to a customer of mine whos son owns a Budget Blinds franchise. We will also be referring each other if the need presents itself.


Never use steel wool.

I am currently a 3m window film installer, and that is the worst thing to use because it might not look scratched at first glance, but if you catch the area in the right light or at night when there is a strong glare from interior lights you will see all kinds of scratches and swirls. Not mention that you could possibly hinder the ability of the films’ effectiveness(such as UV, and safety films).

The best solution for cleaning window film is to have patience and strong cleaners such as goof-off, etc. Window film should always be the last thing done on a construction site to help prevent the problems of getting debris on it.

Most next generation films can withstand a white pad and light pressure. Oil Flo, and all solvents are obviously to be avoided.

Titan Green is a degreaser, and won’t do much for construction debris removal.

Regardless, when tint is involved, lower the expectations, and get a dmage waiver signed.