Canvas awning

Back in the day the guy I worked with did storefront and house awnings using a WFP/brush. For the life of me I don’t remember what chemicals he used. Some were vinyl, some were the fabric or canvas material.

I had a long time customer ask if her small canvas awnings could be cleaned, it seems to have black mildew and algae growing on it. I’m hesitant to use SH, any suggestions?

Squid, on the PW forum, put out a video of him cleaning them. I’m sure you saw it.

I don’t know of anything else that will kill black algae.

Winsol makes chems for cleaning/protecting awnings, but I don’t know that they will kill algae.

Test a small spot with SH, inside the awning, like he said.

I’ll take a look, wasn’t sure which forum this would fall under.

This is a great product for cleaning awning using your wfp. call or text me direct for help 865 310 0728

I don’t have a WFP. The best I can do is one of those household garden hose/brush combo poles that extends about 10’.

I got this from that guy Wayne Shockey who does all the awning cleaning videos
Of course make sure you can use bleach

Awning cleaning
83 oz water
32 oz sh. 6%.
13 oz deep clean

Be very careful going into awning cleaning, I used to bid a lot at the outdoor malls and the big thing is peoples expectation is that they will look like NEW…Not going to happen. Down play results…For Canvas use Winsol with any kind of brush pole combo and rinse well. I used to bid the first awning then added price per ft there after. I have done awnings for $200 that took 15 min…Winsol has a Vinyl Cleaner as well…

scott’s outdoor cleaner. completely safe for plants and wildlife (see label).